Born in the Eighties (Video Games)

TJ finds an interesting new subreddit, Jon attempts to solve racism, and Matt gets pro - biotic.  Also, Classic World of Warcraft is taking over all of our lives.

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We chat about skeezy beauty and gaming #youtube content creators. TJ is back on the Pokemon Go train, and Matt wants to hop in that boxcar.  Jon rants about Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and ponders the new addiction that will be WoW Classic.

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We do a Mickey Quickie on Kingdom Hearts 3, Jon talks about Konosuba, Matt watches Solo, we are joined by Spanky from the while away podcast, we uncover some deep lore on Goofy's Italian Wife during TJ's BITE Answers segment.

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Get those fortnite dancing and dabbing hours in while they are still legal! Check out the Epic Games store, and old game show re-runs on Netflix. Matt sees a Poppins return, Jon plays "Bandersnatch" and TJ has some Nintendo Switch Online rumors. Beware the giant VR women, and tune in today!

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TJ completes a lengthy quest on Twitch. Jon brings back an old segment, and tasks his co-hosts with homework assignments. NBA 2k19 is played, Matt's sleep schedule is tested, and Jon is a puppy dad. Warm up the hot stove, take off your pants in front of strangers and tune in now!

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The boys try to piece together something to be excited about at this year's e3.

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Here are our E3 rumors and predictions.  How well did we do?  Not well at all.  Enjoy E3 2018, and check back next week for our reactions to all of the gaming news of E3 2018!!!

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Someone bought a new game gear game in 2018, Jon has a Virtual Boy, we all suck at Fortnite, your DNA is for sale, and the eternal battle of subs vs dubs rages on... strong as ever.

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Seriously, there are like 6 different versions of the turtles in media.  And no matter how many times you reboot the series, Raphael is still a tool.  How can you be angry about everything all of the time?  Most people plunged in radioactive waste end up dying of lymphoma.  Sheesh, talk about hard to please.

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Everything you read on the internet is true! That REALLY happened! Reddit wouldn't lie to you? 360 video is not VR Porn! Also, we go old school and trip the light nostalgic with Ready Player One and .hack PS2 games.

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Got some e-surance rule 34 for you right here. Strap on your sword of choice, and don your cowboy hat, as we plumb the bowels of reddit, hunt monsters, ogle octopi, and generally give up on life in general

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Which is more complicated? Understanding the tax code, or the storyline of the Kingdom Hearts games? Only 2 things are certain in life, Sora and Taxes.

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This is a LOOOOOONG one.  Jon runs down his top 10 games of the year, and TJ and Matt share their favorite games.  We take a look ahead to 2018, and share a Milkshake Duck of the week!

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Relive your "All That" fandom on this episode.  Joined by Spanky and Euan, formerly known as KewlGames Inc Vancouver, the gang discusses the Citizen Kane of Dark Souls, racist knuckles in VR Chat, and popular phone alarm songs.

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Jon participates in a sleep study, Matt watches Ladybird, TJ dishes on Patreon's update, and we all attempt to pronounce Saoirse correctly.

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Matt and Jon are varying levels of impressed by Pocket Camp, TJ is a video golf champion, and we all are mystified by the ways of the reddit pick up artist community. Boo to lootboxes and multiplayer only games! Hooray for Napoleonic meme combat!

Art by Megalomaniacaly on Deviant Art

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Spanky and Euan from the Kewlgames Inc Vancouver podcast join us as guests in this special episode. Spanky hates games, Euan loves Godzilla, and Quizbot makes his triumphant return.

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Lets light a candle for the best worst community of reddit r/incels, which has ceased to exists. The chads won people... the chads won. Also, PLAY DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB, IT IS FREE!!!!

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Orcin' in New York in this new episode. We talk SNES Classics, Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, and Hack the Menu.

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Tj and Jon tell tales of their battle on the front lines of the SNES Classic launch. Matt plays Shadow of War mobile, and we delve back into the bowels of reddit, and Jon brings everyone down with him.

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Matt is IT, Jon rants about Equifax, and TJ meets his destiny.. 2.  Also Pewdiepie said the n word, so that is the world we live in now.  Get ready for a heated podcast moment!

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TJ regales us with his tales of the Gamestop Expo, Matt learns about competitive tickling, and Jon gives a lesson on Twitterati lingo.

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We get serious a bit, before talking about the funniest words ever, as proven by science.  We visit the bowels of reddit and talk PUBG stats.

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What is Mayo's southern cousin?  We are afraid of nukes and WWII Imax movies.  Matt's magikarp grows, and TJ is playin' portables.

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I guess Twitch raiding is a thing.  And boy do those teens love posting Nazi stuff.

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The SNES classic is upon us.  Will TJ be able to live through it?  Matt is killing many orcs, and Jon is wondering about a certain woman.

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Mario is seriously up to some weird shizz.  Yes that guy slid down a pyramid, and things are expensive in the future.

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This is our e3 preview podcast we recorded the week before e3.  Join us and imagine an e3 2017 that could have happened.  We were wrong, bigly wrong.

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Kids these days.. what are we going to do?  Playin' Magikarp games on their phones, spilling fluids on Tony Hawk Ride boards, playing dumb sound effects.  This is truly the worst generation.

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Jon, Matt and TJ talk about the movies of the summer!  But, before that, they find their favorite not quite properly licensed looney tunes shirts.  

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We chat about our various sleeping strategies, TJ grabs a computer dust to trip the light fantastic, and Matt is tentatively excited about the Owlchemy labs purchase by google.

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More Melissaphilia minute!  TJ brings us all down on his birthday, reminding us that death is all around us.  Matt experiences the new MST3K season, and Jon rants about the Fyre festival for a bit.  TJ also introduces our Patreon backed feature, the "Rom of the Month" Club.

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Have you played the best SNES game of all time?  Ready to get your experimental surgery on?  "Switch" on this podcast to hear us complain about the NES Classic, the CS:GO community and much more.  Matt lives, dies, then repeats, and TJ is all about that ice cream party!

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We are all old.  Jon's back is disintegrating, TJ is yelling at cables, and Matt is pondering grown up things in podcast for adults.  We say a bittersweet goodbye to the NES Classic Edition, we hardly knew ye.. wait.. we didn't knew ye at all...  Hello fellow kids!  Snapchat! Dabbing! Bottle Flips!  We are with it! Right?

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Notch! We will be your friends. Feel free to call us any time. I would love a go on that candy room that you have in your house. I wonder if he is a good speller? TJ certainly was. Don't get scammed by Scamazon prime. We say goodbye to Palmer, and discuss a top secret project.



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The Nintendo Switch came out, and because the game cards specifically have some sort of bittering agent on them, we absolutely had to lick them.  And then lick everything.. Joycon to Joycon.  This podcast is banned in 37 countries.  Robots will care for us when we are old, McDonald's says "Fuck it", and so much more.

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Let's talk about the Nintendo Switch, talking to bots, Twitch and Youtube drama, odd sexual fetishes, and a heck of a dang lot more.  Melissaphilia is the hot new thang.  Get your bee beards ready!

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When you walk the mean streets of New Donk City like I do, you learn one thing.  That the Nintendo Switch is going to be out on March 3rd in the US, and cost 299 USD.  You think you have what it takes to survive the mean streets of NDC?  You better come prepared with a pro controller and a joy con charging dock!  Tell em' pimp Bowser sent ya.  Peace.

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Jon, Matt, and TJ May or May Not would like you to most definitely not tweet #fucktheblacklash.  Knock out two birds one cup by listening to this hot new 'sode.  Topics include podcast advertising and monetization, VR, Nintendo Switch predictions, and all of the hand injury stories you can stomach!

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Gird your Robo-colons, the festival of lit is upon us!  Also, it is 2017 now!  What does the future hold for VR?  Will people perform social experiments on youtube for big dollars?  Is this the year Black Mirror becomes truth?  Welcome the future, 2017.


future,vr,robo,rogue one,social experiments,black mirror,retail,nerd suit,vive,rift,google earth,

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We are seriously 5 years old right now.



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2 brothers! Always up to something!  Learn2stream in TJ's stream corner, listen to Jon finish 4 glasses of bourbon.. and progressively kill his liver cells while you listen.  We also talk trailers from the game awards, and much more.  Tune in!



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Hey, so.. Ash... your mom... what time do you leave for school? What is the deal with your dad? Is he around? Let me know the details of this situation...

pokemon,sun,moon,hot moms,ash,anime,team rocket,vive,minecraft,black friday,gamestop,no sleep,aspartame,beasts,fantastic

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Matt and Jon embrace the hedonism as they chat about Westworld.  Palmer Luckey is kind of a dick, and we learn about a future on Mars.  Eradicate those stink bugs, pre-load your Mafias, and don't be too stoned to listen to this.

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Patch notes can be pretty important, TJ, Matt and Jon decide to go over Dwarf Fortress' most interesting ones.  Crystal Pepsi tasting, stranger things, gas leaks, meme olympics and No Man's Sky.  Also, ABSOLUTELY NO MORE AERIAL BIRTHS!  Also, Jon will not suffer Brazilian Ignorance.

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We, apparently, are all going to die.  Come find out the horrible horrible ways the world will end. We get seriously Roland Emmerich up in here.


vacuum metastability,gamma ray burst,brain eating amoeba,black hole,supernova,flossing,mermaids

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Disrupt your visit to Taco Bell, with these sikk menu hax. Maximize your food haulage bro! This podcast is totally not sponsored by Waunafest. Not at all.

comiccon,justice league,wonder woman,taco bell,mcdonalds,world of warcraft,burger king,mac and cheetos,demolition derby,waunafest,fairs,funnel cakes,corn dogs,marvel ultimate alliance,suicide squad,

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Those bears... disgusting. Jon has now bitten of the VR Apple, and the sweet sweet knowledge has flooded all over him. Matt buys a PC for his parental units, and Adam.. well.. you know. Watches some bad TV for some inexplicable reason, also, he is a dirty dub lover.

ghostbusters,nes,nintendo,csgolotto,csgo,vive,jobsimulator,vr,my hero academia,rifftrax,charmin,pokemon go,ess,everyshowsucks

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Matt's Drunken purchasing decisions lead him to an HTC Vive.  Adam is present, and Jon is incensed at CS:Go betting and skin gambling.  

Space Dandy,My Hero Academia,anime,CS:GO,prosyndicate,tmartn,csgolotto,gambling,vive,vr,job simulator,zootopia,sourdough mold,gtx1060

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Jon is ready to begin his illustrious muk-bang career, Matt is a budding Sourdough artiste, and Adam is all up in on the anime this week. The guys make bold  Nintendo NX predictions. Video cards, Twitch updates, and lots of awesome video game news on this week's edition of Born in the Eighties.  


sunburn,indycar,sourdough,preacher,anime,my hero academia,twitch,video cards,nvidia,amd,nintendo nx,mukbang,koozie,tablet,zelda,

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Some would say whole hog, I am not one of those people. Matt and Jon chat about e3 2016 and all of the awesome games coming out this fall and next year!  Oh yeah, and we saw that Warcraft movie.

PSVR,Titanfall 2,PS4,Xbox one,scorpio,resident evil 7, Final Fantasy 15,Days Gone,battlefield 1,quake champions,fallout VR,ubisoft,ea,bethesda,nintendo,zelda,sony,microsoft,warcraft

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Adam is some sort of fantasy sex magician, Jon is hooked on Overwatch, Matt chats about AMC's preacher, and Jon takes a trip down Anime lane. All that and 2016 E3 predictions! Who will win the console wars? Sony? Microsoft? Will Sega make a splash with a Dreamcast 2 warehouse shooter? Don't be part of a crime gang! Only time will tell!

Overwatch,dragon age,mass effect,e3,sony,microsoft,ea,ubisoft,amc,preacher,ruth negga,ace of diamond,kabaneri of the iron fortress,nintendo,anime,rockband 4

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The Gandalfs of the future will all be piping sick ass e-liquids. Jon leads his space-foxes to prosperity throughout the galaxy in Stellaris. Matt wants to get a new GTX 1080 video card, which would make Overwatch run that much better. Adam, the honorary Vape King, returns from an assignment at the theater, and promises are made about Jon's diary next week. Don't be a serial vapist, download this episode!

#gandalfvapelife,e-liquid,civil war,marvel,captain america,iron man,Stellaris,space fox,monk,gandalf,vape tricks,wizard khalifa,overwatch beta,reaper,torbjorn,,tracer

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Are Jon and Adam truly "Born in the Eighties"? The demon beast of warcraft has sucked Jon back in again, Adam contemplates the life of a swamp cabbage man, and watches arrested development. Jon's shares information about his favorite game show, and fan-mail is answered. Finally, Jon recieves an offer from the wheelin and dealin Vincent Fang himself.

skunk ape,swamp cabbage man,prince,abe vigoda,hugh manpriest,vincent fang,steve harvey,family feud,jersey shore,blossom,tgif,supermarket sweep,legends of the hidden temple,

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Old Habits die hard... Jon returns to his old addictions, and Adam plans on making a new one. Computergate 2016 takes another sharp turn. Pokemon cards can be worth a stupid amount of money, and are an INVESTMENT DAMMNIT! Jon Ninja'd it up in Warframe, Adam completes his tour of duty in broforce, and Jon has some unbreakable impressions of Kimmy Schmidt season 2.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,netflix,pokemon,cards,trading card game,broforce,warframe,world of warcraft,computergate 2016,relic hunter,inside out,ratchet and clank,VR

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Jonbro and Adambro join the broforce. Jon watches CS:GO and plays Nintendo's Miitomo and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. Adam doesn't really care about the ending of this season of The Walking Dead.

broforce,counterstrike,mlg major columbus,luminosity,miitomo,fire emblem fates,the walking dead,eve online

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Jon and Adam discuss a brand new type of superhero, chat about the latest movie in the DC Universe, they also talk about PS 4.5's, VR's thud of a launch, and so much more!


Geeks Mania,CSGO,arcade,ms pacman, ninja turtles,xbox,ps4,oculus rift,VR,spiderman,super heroes,batman,superman,DC,wonder woman

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Adam is under the weather, and sometimes guest host Matt Haag makes his triumphant return. We talk about VR.. a lot. And TV shows.

parenthood,milk,starbucks,crying,british bake off,QI,TV revolution,virtual reality,mr robot,oculus rift,psvr,ps4,sam esmail,htc vive,steam,valve,st patricks day,mods,lets play,youtube,fallout 4


Jon’s pad theme music courtesy of

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Adam does a manly thing, and Jon reads a vexing yelp review. PSVR is here, as is the Division and Playstation Vue. Read up on the leidenfrost effect and stick your hand into a vat of molten nickel while you listen to this week's episode!

tom clancy,the division,ubisoft,illness,plumbing,u-bend,far cry 4,jons pad,big mac,leidenfrost effect,playstation vue,PSVR,virtual reality,preacher,amc,rocket league,

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Wherein we view the tapestries. Topics range from pokemon, Stardew Valley,tapestry,CS:GO,IEM Katowice,bear simulators, Coleco Chameleons, and all sorts of other gaming goodness.  This is a reminder for Jon to buy a Raspberry Pi 3.


pokemon, Stardew Valley,tapestry,CS:GO,IEM Katowice,bear simulators, Coleco Chameleon,raspberry pi,

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Get into the Pokemood this week. Jon is an Alpha Sapphire fanatic, Adam is still playing an old game, and Jon shares his pokemon superstitions.  Jon has seen 90% of the best picture nominees and has something to say about it.  Other topics include No Man's Sky, Ghostbusters, Assassination Classroom, playstation vue,minecraft 1.9,youtuber emmys, and Gambit's delay.


youtube,emmy,minecraft 1.9,playstation vue,ghostbusters,no mans sky,room,bridge of spies,the revenant,spotlight,CS:Go,Stardew valley,pokemon,soulsilver,alpha sapphire,pokemon movie,mewtwo,mew

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Enter the Spin Zone...  Adam and Jon chat a lot about Pokemon, hate shitting, Good Rapperport and we delve into Jon's Pad for the first time.  Be a literate man of stature, and listen in!


rappaport,rapper,pokemon,alpha sapphire,counter strike,fire emblem,birthright,conquest,CS:GO,shitting,dump,danganropa,3ds,zelda,steam,valve,pacific rim,vive,jay and silent bob,fig,soul silver

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Adam and Jon discuss some finely honed trash, Jon plays a bunch of games, and both of our hosts have seen the movie deadpool.

deadpool,white chicks,heroes and generals,f2p,talos principle,psych,white chicks,showgirls,ryan reynolds,tj miller,silicon valley

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Adam and Jon chat about topics ranging from Penny Dreadful, the delicious Quesalupa, Firewatch, and making gravitational waves.  Einstein was right all along, he was always right...

Penny dreadful,quesalupa,firewatch,super mario 3d world,the crew wild run,gravitational waves,deadpool,super mario maker,physics,billie piper

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Jon plays a BUNCH of games, such as the talos principal and pillars of eternity, and his computer is acting weird again.  Could this be the end of his life as he knows it? Computergate 2016 begins.  Adam dabbled in the Division beta, and Jon took paper notes about it. TRIMPS happens, and the guys preev the video games of 2016.


computergate 2016,powercolor,trimps,kongregate,cyberpowerpc,tom clancy,the division,pillars of eternity,talos principle,temple of elemental evil,dnd,3.5,circle of eight,

Direct download: BITE_202.mp3
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The boys preev the games coming out in 2016, lament the loss of a moffat, chat about being a ship, and get hyped for games to come out this year!

pillars of eternity,story of seasons,the division,3ds,2ds,pokemon,video games,windward,witness,xcom,

Direct download: BITE_201.mp3
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The guys celebrate a milestone, and run down all of the upcoming movies of 2016 (except the many they forgot).  Jon dishes on Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and Adam eats a funnel cake.


star wars,legend of heroes,trails in the sky,falcom,movies

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Watch out for that dragon yo. Star Wars came out, and Adam and Jon go on a spoiler free discussion of how they liked the film. The guys reminisce of gamecube games past, and Jon talks about his foray into the wild wooly world of VR. Jon again isn't humble about his bundle troubles, but rocks a kickin' butterball. Fuck Wil Wheaton.

VR,oculus,gear vr,samsung,star wars,force awakens,kylo ren,PSO,dragon,gamecube,lands end,eve gunjack,humble bundle,Wil Wheaton,turkey,christmas,butterball,phantasy star

Direct download: BITE_197.mp3
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Jon and Adam talk about 2 things, fallout 4 and MST3K. What a ffantasy to behold.


fallout 4,war never changes,war just doesn't change,fallout,ron perlman,ps4,pc,mst3k,joel,rifftrax,dr who,listener comment,ffantasy,cloud

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Don't duel with Miyamoto Musashi.  That is a no-brainer.  Jon and Adam talk down Rock Paper Shotgun's top 50 PC RPGs,  Jon talks proper veggie techniques, and Adam's giant melon head has destroyed another pair of headphones, but at least he is having groceries delivered to his door!  Also, Jon has a weird laugh in this episode.



Amazon Prime Day,melon head,RPGs,PC,RPS,vegetables,amazon echo,Ouendan,Elite Beat Agents,Witcher 3,Elder Scrolls,Oblivion

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Jon and Adam return from their long summer hiatus. (Jon visited adam, and then proceeded to have jury duty the next week) Very busy.  But we have a podcast chock full of E3 news, personality quizzes, Computergate 2015 update, and so very much more.


Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo,Last Guardian,Lost Horizon,Halo,kingdom hearts,powercolor,computergate 2015,fallout 4,neko atsume,destiny,journalists

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Adam and Jon talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, WWE (Adam's new addiction), video gaming news (EA Access, Playstation Plus august titles, hatoful boyfriend).  And quite a bit more.  We also begin the epic tale that is the sad story of boatmurdered.

Enjoy.... or Coldsteel the Hedgheg will mirder u!  Treatxactly!


Guardians of the Galaxy,Chris Pratt,Zoe Saldana,Dave Bautista,Vin Diesel,Bradley Cooper,EA,WWE,John Cena,hatoful boyfriend,boatmurdered,dwarf fortress,forboding elephants,hedgeheg

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Jon and Adam talk about the destiny beta, tomadachi life, Kim Kardashian mobile games, battlefield hardline delays, and their lives in general.  The Yogscast are in more hot water, and Mike Rowe is a bit of an elitist.


Also, PBJ is great.  And that Wizard is from the GOD DAMNED MOON!




Destiny,wizard,moon,dinklage,yogscast,tomadachi life,battlefield,hardline,mike rowe,elitist,PBJ,kim kardashian hollywood

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Adam and Jon gab about the newest news of the video gaming extravaganza known as the E3, aka Electronic 3, aka Electronic artistic extravanganza, aka Electroincal Enterntainment Expository.  Also, Jon and Adam rant about some stuff, etc.  More like Least Guardian AMIRITE?!?!



Microsoft,Sony,Ubisoft,Ubiquitous Software,EA,Electronic Arts,E3,2014,Nintendo,Least Guardian,Last Guardian,Halo,sunset overdrive,far cry 4,the order 1886,uncharted,dragon age 3,Super Smash Bros,

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Adam and Jon chat about the facts of life, Adam saw a film, Jon did some junk, including walking in on some backdoor Tattoos.  This episode is dedicated to e3 predictions and the 2nd bi-weekual BWTCCT we watch Solaris! Forgive Jon for his computer deciding to return AGC to his mic setup (look up automatic gain control it is a BIATCH)  That is all.

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"Fanfare for Space" Kevin MacLeod ( 

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Jon and Adam talk robo-love, video game news, and lots more.  They also inaguarate the BWTCCT (Bi-weekly The Criterion Collection Theatre) This week they watched Throne of Blood (Next bi-week: Solaris)  Jon gets grumpy and grinds his gears on Kickstarter, Wil Wheaton, subscription boxes and trendy nerds.

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