Born in the Eighties

Ok, first thing's first.  it is not that kind of Soggy Biscuit.  Grab your suicide cables and geiger counters, we got some negative ion products to wear.  They are definitely healthy and not full of powdered thorium.

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The numbers just go up! Have Diamond Hands, and not paper ones.  Money printers go brrr.  Lol, stonks!  Hedge Fund managers beware, because some crazy people on reddit have a lot of money to burn.

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We here at Pizza Inn just want to make sure all of the LEGAL votes are counted?  What is wrong with that?  We are great at making pizzas and salads, and we support those proud patriots who are asking the right questions, and holding our governmental officials accountable.

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Lol, it is the weed number dude.  Adam returns to talk about his life in the land of legal kush.

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If anyone has listened to this episode on a Dell Pocket DJ(tm) please email with a picture of you holding the pocket DJ playing the episode and today's newspaper, and I will send you a 50$ Gift Card to Amazon.

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Let's ruin some childhoods!  Yo Da Man? Or is it Yoda Da Man?  Let's grab the fullscreen version of Attack of the Clones and watch!  Also, the Superman cartoons from the 40's are dope.

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