Born in the Eighties

Some would say whole hog, I am not one of those people. Matt and Jon chat about e3 2016 and all of the awesome games coming out this fall and next year!  Oh yeah, and we saw that Warcraft movie.

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Adam is some sort of fantasy sex magician, Jon is hooked on Overwatch, Matt chats about AMC's preacher, and Jon takes a trip down Anime lane. All that and 2016 E3 predictions! Who will win the console wars? Sony? Microsoft? Will Sega make a splash with a Dreamcast 2 warehouse shooter? Don't be part of a crime gang! Only time will tell!

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Steer clear of the Sweaty Lou, unless you are prepared to take a dank poo. Koozie returns, as Jon begins high school. Matt finishes up a music video, listens to the Hamilton soundtrack, and Adam returns to a game atop his pile of shame!


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