Born in the Eighties

Jon and Adam finish up the holiday podcast extravaganza with the final installment in the Santa Clause trilogy "Santa Clause 3, the Escape Clause".  Which is a title that deserves mentioning as it is the only movie title I can think of where the pun in part of the name is used not as a pun later in the same title.  I sure hope the movie isn't as oddly bad as the title....

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Born in the Eighties: Christmas is Terrible Part 2

Jon and Adam watch the ABC family original Tom Cavanagh picture from 2004, "Snow". It is... interesting. Jon and Adam now have a new female obession.. Ashley Williams, sorry Amy Ryan. Mmmm... those shorts. Jon and Adam also talk christmas carol lyrics, and the newly formed countries of Hammbodia and Jongolia. Tune in!

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Join Adam and Jon while they find out just how terrible Christmas can be... by watching terrible Christmas movies and attempting to understand the holly jolly of it all. This week, Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, oh yeah... we said to watch "A Golden Christmas" ... about that... yeah....

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Jon and Adam decree that chinese food will never be eaten before podcasting.  Dragon female chest parts are discussed, and Adam has quite the eye-opening experience.  Skyrim is a land of murder, cat furries, and horrible actions and David Caruso magic CSI. A new segment "This Week in Werewolf News" debuts.  Adam regales Jon with the tales of Wisconsin werewolf sightings! Scary!  Jon proposes a trip to find the Beast of Bray Road, and Adam continues to be a shut in.

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