Born in the Eighties

The SNES classic preorder nonsense happened. Did any of us get one? What lengths did Jon go to, to get one? How many hours can a scantily clad woman stream dancing on twitch? Will the reddit boxing streams hold out all night? Find out, in this episode!

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Lance and Jon talk about lame nazis, nuclear armageddon, and the Island of Dr. Moreau. Yeah.. I guess that all fits in nicely.

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We get serious a bit, before talking about the funniest words ever, as proven by science.  We visit the bowels of reddit and talk PUBG stats.

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What is Mayo's southern cousin?  We are afraid of nukes and WWII Imax movies.  Matt's magikarp grows, and TJ is playin' portables.

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I guess Twitch raiding is a thing.  And boy do those teens love posting Nazi stuff.

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WARNING: LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE 'PILLED!!!  Symptoms include, pizza conspiracies, nes classic edition conspiracies, vegan conspiracies, and dating vampires.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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