Born in the Eighties

Jon pines for multiplayer FPS gaming of ages past, Matt gets spooky on an alpha midnight ghost hunt, and TJ trains in the dojo of Cobra Kai.  We also deal with a bragging date in this week's answers section.

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After falling down the feed of a low key Korean Frozen tumblr fetish account, the guys decide to record a podcast.  TJ shares some ramen hacks, Matt watched Hereditary, and Jon has a bad theater experience watching US.  Get plating, and watch out for Karen, she'll tell your manager.

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Jon goes car shopping, TJ dreams of anime food wars, Matt has problems with #brands there are anime music video sites, and opossums having oproblems!

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How much would you pay for a cameo?  Matt discovers the terrible wonders of Cameo, TJ fails at speedrunning, and Jon dishes out some vegan facts.

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