Born in the Eighties

Jon and Adam talk Jon's enevitable demise. Adam talks about Supernatural because he is in love with Dean Winchester.  Adam gabs about cheers and jeers from the X-men movie, and Jon rants about animals and Wil Wheaton again.  Seriously folks, animals are animals and people are people.  Don't be a dick to animals, but they are just animals.


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Jon and Adam talk robo-love, video game news, and lots more.  They also inaguarate the BWTCCT (Bi-weekly The Criterion Collection Theatre) This week they watched Throne of Blood (Next bi-week: Solaris)  Jon gets grumpy and grinds his gears on Kickstarter, Wil Wheaton, subscription boxes and trendy nerds.

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Adam and Jon jaw about boring vacations, indianapolis, juice creation soylent and TV! 


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Jon has a harrowing steak experience at T.G.I Fridays with the "excellent" Jack Daniels grill.  Adam is at a loss for syrup at IHOP, and the boys chat about easter holidays, strokin' and much more.


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