Born in the Eighties

The show Heroes had a lot of problems.  Ilsa the She-Wolf of the SS is actually pretty lame.  Adam's reference-ometer is way off, and Adam's ability to prepare for podcasts is questioned.  The guys chat about the new Brian K. Vaughn comic "Saga".  Lance tells the tale of his ill fated pet hamster.  Rather than pawning off this little urine-flinging chain mangling monster, Lance let nature take its course.  The guys discuss how to make Nascar more exciting, and a couple tips on making international flags much cooler.  Finally Jon and Lance form the brand new wrestling team "The Bruise Brothers"

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The one where they knock the dust out of the attic, and explain some schemes on how to get rich.  Ideas range from War Profiteering, to Land Pirating to writing the next young adult book trilogy.  I can see them dollar signs now. Lance really has a hard time grinding his gears this week, listen after the end theme.

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Lance, Adam and Jon ponder tiny houses for dwarfs, Star Wars inconsistencies, and how god damn terrible Darth Vader was at running the war.  Han shot first, and Darth Vader is who is coming to dinner.  Lance takes the "Psychopath Test", and the gang ponders how those mad scientist russians are going to have our brains in robots by 2025.

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Lance and Jon reminisce about their McDonald's work experiences.  Lance makes sure that those hand towels are safe and secure.  Jon needs to memorize his sandwiches.  Lance entails his crazy run in with the world's lamest biker party where someone has their whammy bar tugged.  The gang discusses terrible job experiences, and Jon gives the greatest tip for job interviews... lie.  If allowed time travel, Jon would go back to the 60s, and live Don Draper's life, Adam wouldn't go back in time.  The past is so mainstream.. Adam is a hipster.  Lance would go back to a time where he could use food and small trinkets for sexual favors.  The guys talk about freaky dreams and sexy co-workers.  Adam is constantly shot in his dreams.  Send us your dreams at or leave us a comment below.

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