Born in the Eighties

Spanky and Euan from the "While Away" podcast join TJ and I for a Mattless episode of this show. We talk casinos, memes, teen titans, emulators, kingdom hearts, disenchantment, cloak and dagger, and a Penguin's Memory. Plenty to unpack there.

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Tallywhacker, donger, bait and tackle, twig and berries, johnsons, units, dingle-dang, schlong ... the internet is full of them.  TJ has seen too much.  Airshow disasters, Iceland, and old sears catalogs, this episode is chock full with all of the above.

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We decide it is time to #cancelwhitepeople and #freetj  This week's free-wheelin -sode discusses quitting retail, racism, tanacon, shifty labor propositions, mission creep, weddings, card quest, and things that definitely actually happened.

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Jon has a new mouse, and a new dog. Things are pretty crazy. TJ has his car broken in to, and he breaks in to a new anime series. Matt is deep into gaming with his new controller, and has some thoughts on Hollow Knight. Get your Sears Wishbook out, and listen to this week's Born in the Eighties.

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