Born in the Eighties

What the hell is going on in Wyoming?  This is like watching a car chase live on televison.  It is so scary but you can't look away, and you hope that nobody gets hurt.

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Psst.  Hey buddy, I got a great investment for ya.  2 words... Soup Tube.  Imagine it... clam chowder running under the city streets, piping hot directly to your home.  Can I interest you in a subscription?

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Just as TJ completes his car shopping, Jon ponders buying a fleet of Ford 500's.  Spanky has some problems with Twitter, Matt wonders if Kanye is OK, and we all find a 2020 candidate to get  behind!

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Have you ever eaten a poison salad?  Well Jon has tasted the sweet deadly poison of Sunflower Bacon Crunch.  TJ cannot stop it with the Kingdom Sharts, Spanky's cat continues his incontinence, and Matt enjoys his new Nintendo Switch.

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