Born in the Eighties

With Jon's battle with a cold subsiding, the guys decide to record an episode.  Jon and Adam jaw about building computers, and being the sickest ever.  Talk turns to T.V. where Adam and Jon head back to a classic cartoon for the ages.  Reboot!!!!  Then talk turns to other shows that are being watched in the death apartment, (Mad Men, Buffy, Angel) until the unspeakable happens.  The mysterious benefactor and Adam activate Dark Jon, and the podcast takes a turn.

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Join Lance Adam and Jon as they talk tons about block parties, Reserve Police Officer Shaquille O'Neal, Carl Lewis's amazing acting abilities, what police officers can do in their spare time, and how to live the best life ever. email:

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Jon, Adam and Lance finally wrap up this 2 part pod-ganza with some chatter and blather about Kevin Smith's newest flick Red State.  Tune in! SPOILERS!! email:

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Lance returns to the podcasting theatre to talk Kevin Smith movies.  The crew watches red state and this is part one of that podcast.  Also, drinks make you talk louder and take levels worse, so things get a bit crackly.  Tune in, part 2 coming later this weekend.

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