Born in the Eighties

Well, 1 week into the national quarantine, and things are already getting pretty hairy.  We discuss what makes an essential business actually, as well as what can be turned into soft serve.  Please don't cough into your games cases before trading them into gamestop, I beg of you.

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Yeah, so, things have changed a lot in the last few weeks.  Let's discuss uhh.. the new state of the world... Huh.


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We go deep into youtube hole about hotwheels racing leagues.  We also discuss the coin game, rasta banana prizes, the coronavirus, price gouging, and a man who doesn't know how to live, actually.

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TJ has, yet again, more tooth tales.  Jon and Matt eulogize their now defunct world of warcraft classic guild, and Spanky gets into Amiga repairs.

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