Born in the Eighties

Things start out with a typical discussion of movies and comics.  Lance cracks open the sex crypt and things get pretty weird... and everybody walks away knowing a little bit more about this fragile thing we call the human condition.

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Jon, Lance, and Tyler are in the cut and for some reason begin the christmas episode with talk about celebrity sex scenes.  Lance shares 3 dreams, and Jon attempts to trump his stories with his own wacky dreams.  In the second half, Jon counts down his 10 (ish) least favorite christmas tunes.  Happy Holidays from the whole Born in the Eighties crew.

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Jon, Tyler, and Lance are joined by Matt Haag, chatting about everything from how to properly run away from a falling spaceship, suicides, extra faithful dog owners, two and three quarters of a man to the worlds sexiest superheros.

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Tyler, Lance, and Jon brawl over the classic old Ben Affleck vs. Matt Damon debate and things get pretty heated.  The guys also chat about the upcoming fall movies, black friday fun, the founding of and in the last half hour... things take a dark turn.

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