Born in the Eighties

The Denvo Broncers, your favorite footbawl teem.  Jon has a bit of an issue with words, and for some reason, again, the talk returns to the ABDL community.  Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

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Come on down with your boyfriend or hot gamer wife to your local Perkins, if it still exists, to think about the slow march of death.  Our new special is our "Oops! All Gluten" burger.  Our bosses are apps now, and capitalism corrupts everything!

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Would you like some minions related content?  I will bet you don't want this Minions content.  Look, I am not out there to yuck anyone's yum, but... yuck.

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Everyone is in a happy mood for some reason.  The reference to the cough is not what you are thinking, and we are all having a good time drinking.  Celebrate and prepare for January 2021.

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Man, can I get a look at that Zune? I want one SOO BAD.  You can download and watch episodes of MTV's Jackass on that thing? So cool. I need one of those.

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Ever feel like you just can't get ahead?  Fighting for others over scraps?  Pushing and pulling yourself to get on top, but you never can?  That is capitalism, that is the bucket.  Fuck the bucket.

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If you ever want to know about anyone, just check them out on wikipedia and ctrl+f "allegations".  Simple, easy, you will thank me later.  That is all, hail saint death.

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It is so easy to be woke.  All you have to do is infer progressive politics and ideals, without actually physically showing any of those things.  Yaaskween so woke, Disney so woke, Marvel so woke.

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The name of a cool new grunge-wave indie band, or something more sinister? You decide.

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The hawk man is back.  Will you be able to be a protagonist worthy of the alien god, Anthony Hawk?  Will you get into trouble in Europe?  What is Chad Muska doing now anyway?

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Money ruins people.  Never trust a rich person.  Always beware of an erect recess, and those people who only watch college basketball.  Also, Black Lives Matter.

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The synth is pumping, the Batman is Pattinson, the Riddler is Jigsaw, and the scene is Miami 1984.  This is the Batman movie that we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

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If you want, you better have some serious dough to hand over. seems much more affordable.  If you pick up one of those domains, maybe then your Senpai will notice you.  Good Luck!

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Would you poo in the Subaru?  Even if dad asks?  We fuck around with snapchat filters far too much, talk about... tributes, tik tok, and whole lot more.

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TJ is job hunting, Jon dreams of his own private arcade, Matt asks you please not to fuck with fairies, and Spanky continues to be a proud homeowner. Let's kill the moon together!

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What the hell is going on in Wyoming?  This is like watching a car chase live on televison.  It is so scary but you can't look away, and you hope that nobody gets hurt.

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Psst.  Hey buddy, I got a great investment for ya.  2 words... Soup Tube.  Imagine it... clam chowder running under the city streets, piping hot directly to your home.  Can I interest you in a subscription?

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Just as TJ completes his car shopping, Jon ponders buying a fleet of Ford 500's.  Spanky has some problems with Twitter, Matt wonders if Kanye is OK, and we all find a 2020 candidate to get  behind!

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Have you ever eaten a poison salad?  Well Jon has tasted the sweet deadly poison of Sunflower Bacon Crunch.  TJ cannot stop it with the Kingdom Sharts, Spanky's cat continues his incontinence, and Matt enjoys his new Nintendo Switch.

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Look, we aren't experts on anything really, so why should you listen to us?  Because Jon finally snagged a ringfit adventure?  Because Matt bought a Nintendo Switch?  Or that we watched episodes 15-20 of Avatar, the Last Airbender?  We are no experts, but, here are our unsolicited opinions on these topics.

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This is our agenda, to attack and dethrone god.  We also chat about the PS5 reveal event, as well as the various bits of civil unrest happening in the worst year ever. #BLM 

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I don't care whether or not they fund the drug trade, they taste great!  TJ's taco mirabell rice experiment has concluded, Spanky and Jon have thoughts.  Matt caused our guild to explode again, and we recap episodes 11-14 of Avatar the Last Airbender.

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Maybe it is all the listerine and soda pop he is drinkin, but if you got a leaky gut, you are gonna have a leaky butt.  We continue talkin Avatar, herbal teas that make you poop, rocksmith on PC, and games that aren't world of warcraft.

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The gang talks about comfort TV, working at a Pizza Inn, some small town google reviews, TJ bites a can, Jon rants about Quibi, and we all hate on Roseanne.  This is part one of the Bite Book Club (BBC) for Avatar: the Last Airbender (Episodes 1-5)

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Matt has his gamer chair, TJ is toothless, and Jon wants a big boy chair to call his own.  We attempt to navigate the pandemic ravaged online shopping sites, and talk a little world of warcraft classic too.

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You want some hot wet Mcdonalds?  Well, we tried it so you don't have to.  We also dip our toes into the insane world of the cereal mascot cinematic universe.  Hold on to your bussy and tune on in!

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Does your cheesecake clap?  Is it thicc enough?  You could make a cheesecake in a rice cooker, or you could make a McMiracle.

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Do you have 1200 dollars in bitcoin?  Then your self pleasure video will be sent to 5 random contacts unless you pay us.  This is definitely real.

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Well, we are all working from home now.  How many of us are drinking from home too?

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Dude, if you hate your girlfriend, just say it.  If you are more interested in Cinderella than your significant other, you might not be a Disney couple.

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Those bears ain't right.  Jon over-analyzes the plot structure of secret life of pets 2, we update everyone on our 'rona status, and we communicate with the great country of Canada about the before-times and youtube algorithms.

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Well, 1 week into the national quarantine, and things are already getting pretty hairy.  We discuss what makes an essential business actually, as well as what can be turned into soft serve.  Please don't cough into your games cases before trading them into gamestop, I beg of you.

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Yeah, so, things have changed a lot in the last few weeks.  Let's discuss uhh.. the new state of the world... Huh.


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We go deep into youtube hole about hotwheels racing leagues.  We also discuss the coin game, rasta banana prizes, the coronavirus, price gouging, and a man who doesn't know how to live, actually.

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TJ has, yet again, more tooth tales.  Jon and Matt eulogize their now defunct world of warcraft classic guild, and Spanky gets into Amiga repairs.

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First the boys attempt to #hackthemenu around the world, India's McDonald's menu is a trip.  Matt has watched all of the Simpsons on Disney+, Jon talks VFX, and TJ has a story involving a killer moustache.

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While everyone shares tale of world of warcraft, warcraft reforged, the coronavirus, clove cigarettes and benzocaine benders, the real issue here is the lack of a Guy Fieri candidacy.  He is truly the unity option. Donkey Sauce for all!

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So, I guess when it all comes down to it, we can just be happy that our podcast has made Adam into a lovecraftian meme.  Join Jon, TJ, Matt, and Spanky as we discover the new world we live in, the world of ABDL accessories

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Jon finds a new dark corner of reddit to share, TJ has more stories of retail woes, and Matt is intrigued by Cameo yet again.  Special guest Spanky joins as well.  

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This week we ponder if people are assholes, Jon has a new kind of Content warning, Matt continues to play world of warcraft, and TJ goes in raw.

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No one cared who I was until I put on the onesie.

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