Born in the Eighties

Jon and Adam discuss the intricacies of interversion.  The guys also talk X-mas, Sony's inability to ward off the hack attack, and world pro wrasslin'.  Also, video games were played.  Here it is.  Happy Holidaze all!

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Jon and Adam return to regularly scheduled podcasting and play catch up.  They talk video games, visiting illinois, abdominal pain and where the real magic comes from.


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What a long (1 month) strange trip it has been.  Jon and Adam are back, we talk about High School homecoming floats, Jon pitches recruitment in the Air Force and Adam joins the cult of Apple.  Jon talks about terrible computer problems he is having, Adam finishes going through the shows of the fall!  A trip is planned.


WWE,air force,world of warcraft,destiny,apple,iphone,mobo,video card,puter broke

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Thank god it is Friday!  The boys ponder the merits of eating human flesh, video games, the WWE god that is Dean "Unstable" Ambrose, Adam previews the new TV shows of the fall of 2014, and we all get to take a look into the twisted alternate reality where Hamm and Rowe dabble in the hunting of the most dangerous game.


Friday,WWE,Dean Ambrose,Spacebase DF-9,agents of SHIELD,arrow,blacklist,castle,constantine,Dr. Who,flash,destiny

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After a two week hiatus (which was both Destiny and life related) Jon and Adam return to bring you some BITE action!  Topics range from destiny, Shadow of Mordor, soylent.  Adam is becoming a social butterfly, and is making some significant life changes prior to hitting the big three oh.

Dungeons and dragons,spiders,soylent,arachnaphobia,destiny,shadow of mordor,lotr,lord of the rings,wrestling,night of champions,john cena

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Jon and Adam talk about a mystical trip to Illinois, wax nostalgia about the ER theme song and Michael Chricton novels.  Video game news happened, and other stuff.  Icloud is very secure.  Adam brings terrifying presents for children So much more.

ER,video games,vegeta,illinois,gas line,costco,terrifying children,anthony edwards,

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Jon and Adam chat about the finer things in life.  Wrassling, video games, news, internet conspiracies, justice, and we delve deeper into the sordid tale of the once mighty fortress of Boatmurdered.  Don't Pull the Lever


dwarf fortress,don't pull the lever, John cena, WWE,boatmurdered,levers,zoe quinn,internet,conspiracies,video games,nintendo,3ds,wii u,

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Jon and Adam talk bout vid games.  Adam's new addiction, WWE news, and everything from Satanic monuments to band hazing, and the mysterious case of the Jewoobs. 


Jewoobs,John Cena,World of Warcraft,video games,Cesaro,Brock Lesnar,Satan,Boatmurdered,devil,Oklahoma,monument,kickstarter,Night Trap

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Jon, Adam, and Lance discuss their top 25 comedy shows of all time, as well as dress down the IGN's top 25 comedy shows list.  Plenty to hear here.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you will think that Lance's list is terrible. ENTOURAGE?  Also.. Adam... Is Avatar: The Last Airbender really a comedy show?  Everyone is wrong but Jon.


seinfeld,the simpsons,black books,the office,spaced,entourage,californication,aqua teen hunger force,arrested development,frisky dingo,mr bean,venture brothers

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Adam and Jon talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, WWE (Adam's new addiction), video gaming news (EA Access, Playstation Plus august titles, hatoful boyfriend).  And quite a bit more.  We also begin the epic tale that is the sad story of boatmurdered.

Enjoy.... or Coldsteel the Hedgheg will mirder u!  Treatxactly!


Guardians of the Galaxy,Chris Pratt,Zoe Saldana,Dave Bautista,Vin Diesel,Bradley Cooper,EA,WWE,John Cena,hatoful boyfriend,boatmurdered,dwarf fortress,forboding elephants,hedgeheg

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Jon and Adam talk about the destiny beta, tomadachi life, Kim Kardashian mobile games, battlefield hardline delays, and their lives in general.  The Yogscast are in more hot water, and Mike Rowe is a bit of an elitist.


Also, PBJ is great.  And that Wizard is from the GOD DAMNED MOON!




Destiny,wizard,moon,dinklage,yogscast,tomadachi life,battlefield,hardline,mike rowe,elitist,PBJ,kim kardashian hollywood

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Wow.  You want an extra hour in the ball pit?  That will cost you.  Dearly.  Adam and Jon jaw about microphones without shock mounts, video games, pre-code hollywood and so much more.

divinity,pre-code hollywood,world of warcraft,battlefield,ea,yogscast,kickstarter

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Jon lives in a health hazardous death hole that may or may not be the setting of season 2 of True Detective.  Adam ponders the true merits of criticism.  The guys gush over some games such as Doki Doki Universe, Strider, and Divinity: Original Sin.  The TBWTCCT is postponed yet again.  Things go awry.


True Detective,Carcosa,Doki Doki Universe,Strider,Divinity Original Sin,woody harrelson, matthew mcconaughey

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Adam and Jon adventure into caves, reality tv programming, racist radio hosts, cookouts and so much more.  Beware, foul languaged tweets within.

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Hamm is the Redeemer. He drank a gallon of sweet tea for your sins.  Also, this podcast is about fighting games, battlefield hardline, other stuff.  Adam teaches everyone about boring computers, and Jon laments his failures in high school drama.


into the woods,hamm,street fighter,battlefield hardline,world of warcraft,hot cars,children,

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Adam and Jon conclude their visit while discussing such things as supermarkets, uncharted, hazing, talking computers, and much much more.



uncharted,ps3,hazing,diaper,supermarkets,schnucks,reading rainbow,kickstarter,bloomington

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Adam and Jon gab about the newest news of the video gaming extravaganza known as the E3, aka Electronic 3, aka Electronic artistic extravanganza, aka Electroincal Enterntainment Expository.  Also, Jon and Adam rant about some stuff, etc.  More like Least Guardian AMIRITE?!?!



Microsoft,Sony,Ubisoft,Ubiquitous Software,EA,Electronic Arts,E3,2014,Nintendo,Least Guardian,Last Guardian,Halo,sunset overdrive,far cry 4,the order 1886,uncharted,dragon age 3,Super Smash Bros,

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Adam and Jon chat about the facts of life, Adam saw a film, Jon did some junk, including walking in on some backdoor Tattoos.  This episode is dedicated to e3 predictions and the 2nd bi-weekual BWTCCT we watch Solaris! Forgive Jon for his computer deciding to return AGC to his mic setup (look up automatic gain control it is a BIATCH)  That is all.

x-men,seth macfarlane,1000 ways to die in the west,charlize theron,x-men,e3,nintendo,sony,microsoft,tattoos,laundry


"Fanfare for Space" Kevin MacLeod ( 

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Jon and Adam talk Jon's enevitable demise. Adam talks about Supernatural because he is in love with Dean Winchester.  Adam gabs about cheers and jeers from the X-men movie, and Jon rants about animals and Wil Wheaton again.  Seriously folks, animals are animals and people are people.  Don't be a dick to animals, but they are just animals.


wilwheaton,animals,dicks,x-men,future,coughing,star citizen,watchdogs,peggle 2,world of warcraft

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Jon and Adam talk robo-love, video game news, and lots more.  They also inaguarate the BWTCCT (Bi-weekly The Criterion Collection Theatre) This week they watched Throne of Blood (Next bi-week: Solaris)  Jon gets grumpy and grinds his gears on Kickstarter, Wil Wheaton, subscription boxes and trendy nerds.

Kickstarter,Wil Wheaton,hipsters,organic,naturebox,lootcrate,kurosawa,toshiro mifune,macbeth,throne of blood,nintendo,xbox,ps4

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Adam and Jon jaw about boring vacations, indianapolis, juice creation soylent and TV! 


Keywords: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Soylent, Toppers, Izza Pizza, Indianapolis, rosati's, 

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Jon has a harrowing steak experience at T.G.I Fridays with the "excellent" Jack Daniels grill.  Adam is at a loss for syrup at IHOP, and the boys chat about easter holidays, strokin' and much more.


TGI Fridays,steak,IHOP,winter soldier,jack daniels,greew bean cake,gristle

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Superman would make a bad roommate, Thor would be a good drinking buddy, and Iron man would be a dick.  Pretty much nobody wins.  The guys talk Totoro, pizza delivery issues, and so MUCH MORE.



totoro,pizza,game of thrones,toppers,glass nickel,world of warcraft,guild wars 2

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Jon and Adam talk most livable fantasy worlds, Jon proposes to Lolo, Adam fears the heat coming in the summer, and we witness a topless woman destroy a Mcdonalds.

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Jon is king of the turbo button.



Also, Jon is continuingly addicted to the dirty WoW demon.


frozen,guild wars 2,pandaria,planetside 2,south park,stick of truth,this is the end,world of warcraft

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Jon is joined by Adam via some tubes.  They talk videa games, downton abbey spoilers (no spoilers) and all sorts of crazy crap.  Stoned Neil Degrasse Tyson joins us as well.


cosmos,neil degrasse tyson,stoned,downton abbey,dark souls,video games

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Jon and Tyler go catfishing, and watch a little bit of "No Holds Barred".  Also, Tyler is now a Burlesque dancer.  Apparently.

What a night.

catfish,burlesque,boylesque,mercury stardust,penis,craigslist,sex crypt,dookie,hulk hogan,no holds barred

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Adam joins Jon via the magic of the internet.  They chat about 90's board games, gall bladder surgery, comcast customer service and so much more.

grape escape, don't wake daddy, mousetrap, perfection, operation, crocodile dentist




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Lance and Jon talk Star Wars, visiting chicago, Escape Plan, and so very much more.

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Lance and Jon talk football.  There might be a guest... will he wake up?  Things get a little bit blue and Jon gets dark.  Jon and Lance provide picks for Hollywood's biggest night!  The Tarantino meltdown is also discussed.

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Lance and Jon chat about being yelled at in the car, troll dongs, and so much more.

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Jon goes to a hockey match, and learns some hard life lessons in event parking. tyler recants tales of being thrown out of bars, and the super secret episode of "The Two of Me" is unleashed.

This'un's a doozy.

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Jon and Lance talk about garbage piles past, DJs, VJs and so much more.  This one is off the chain, rocking you in your mucous membrane.

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Jon can't remember his 1950's beatnik writers, Lance has a torrid 2 week affair, and is accosted at a Qdoba by a war hero.  Some 2014 predictions and so much more.

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