Born in the Eighties

Them city boys drink that high-falutin' soda, here in the country we drink pop!  Lance's ex co-worker is constantly running into bicyclists.  Also, the epidemic of bears is ruining this country, and we as a nation need to murder tons of animals and big game in africa to keep us safe, and show everyone we have enormous wangs.  Maybe we just need to spend 30 days with bears to get to know them better.  Set that up Morgan Spurlock.

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Jesus strolled into Jerusalem and he was like... "What's up my babies?".  The gang tries to talk about their dreams, but that falls apart as Jon spins tales of the origins of McDonald's character "The Grimace".  Bibles have pages that are too thin, and girls with Tongue studs like to go downtown, and I am not talking about the civic center.  Lance and Jon both decide that if they were super attractive, they would become evil and take over the world. And may Uncle O'Grimacy keep your mugs full of Shamrock shakes.

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Enter season 2.  Topics range from Butt-chugging to pill parties and much more.  Matt brings the new theme music sauce, and the gang finds out how real Americans reacted to M.I.A flipping the U.S.A the bird at the super bowl.  God damn those Egyptian head-dresses.  Adam has the worst references and enjoys inviting homeless men to follow him home.

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