Born in the Eighties

Everyone is live in the house, Lance has hot olsen twins takes, TJ has twitch problems, Matt is chillin', Harvey Keitel is talkin to Jesus, and Jon is just trying to keep things on the rails.  Remember, tweet responsibly.

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Mario is seriously up to some weird shizz.  Yes that guy slid down a pyramid, and things are expensive in the future.

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This is our e3 preview podcast we recorded the week before e3.  Join us and imagine an e3 2017 that could have happened.  We were wrong, bigly wrong.

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Kids these days.. what are we going to do?  Playin' Magikarp games on their phones, spilling fluids on Tony Hawk Ride boards, playing dumb sound effects.  This is truly the worst generation.

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Those tall ladies got Jon thinkin...  Bad Sonic Fanfic is read, TJ's love of fidget spinners are discussed, and Matt is sitting scared in the bathroom of an abandoned building clutching his UMP0 somewhere in Russia?  Wherever PUBG takes place, I guess.. it is Russia right?

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