Born in the Eighties

Jon and Adam connect via the wide world of webs, and chat about movies, hdmi problems, ps4, and 'nadoes.

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Jon and Lance are join by the incomparable Rob Matsushita.  What do they talk about?  Movies?  Yeah.  They also talk about getting punched in the face, abandoning cars, and Lance is sold a book in a pizza store.

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Tyler joins us again.  Jon is accidentally racist, Tyler attends a pagan wedding, punches a guy in the face, sneaks around in the dark, and is an all around good guy.

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Lance finds more weird people at the bar, gets sized up by a large man, and enjoys a classic film.  Jon watches "GANGSTA HANKS" and "LESLIE MANN'S BREASTS" and the lads chat about the odd bieber behavior... beibhavior?  Does that work?

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Celebrity stocks and bonds, buy low... sell high.  Also, driving tractors is fun.

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