Born in the Eighties

This is a LOOOOOONG one.  Jon runs down his top 10 games of the year, and TJ and Matt share their favorite games.  We take a look ahead to 2018, and share a Milkshake Duck of the week!

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Relive your "All That" fandom on this episode.  Joined by Spanky and Euan, formerly known as KewlGames Inc Vancouver, the gang discusses the Citizen Kane of Dark Souls, racist knuckles in VR Chat, and popular phone alarm songs.

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Tj wants to remember the internet of the past.  Jon plumbs the bowels of reddit, and finds the Milkshake duck of the week.  Matt remembers a Star Wars Galaxy of old...

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In this episode, Jon, Adam, Matt, and TJ chat about "The Last Jedi" for nearly 50 minutes. Skip ahead to 51 minutes to avoid spoilers.  Jon talks about Nier Automata, Adam has been Assassin's creeding, TJ has been surviving retail hell and Matt is checking out the new VR titles.

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