Born in the Eighties

TJ just can't get enough of them Jorts, Matt remembers a tour of Green Day past, and Jon buys more movie posters.  Rocko's Modern Life, Black Ops 4, and blindfolded Rhythm Heaven, along with the return of a fan favorite game!

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Jon falls into the depths of the internet again, and a macabre game is played. TJ is T-spinning through the new Nintendo news, and Matt is thinking of the wrong kind of bum fight.

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Jon rants about capture equipment costs, TJ schools everyone on tax law, and Matt has some news about a new VR game.  We all assist a hapless soul with probably the worst relationship ever.  Macklemore sucks, there, I said it.

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We do a Mickey Quickie on Kingdom Hearts 3, Jon talks about Konosuba, Matt watches Solo, we are joined by Spanky from the while away podcast, we uncover some deep lore on Goofy's Italian Wife during TJ's BITE Answers segment.

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Matt, TJ, and Jon find out what Kingdom Hearts characters they are. #Hackthemenu returns with online ordering tips. Jon plays Slay the Spire, and we try to help a lady with some attention in a gym.

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