Born in the Eighties

Jon and Adam fumble through trying to make some title sequences and promos.  The accents and impressions are at an all time high/low depending on your perspective.  Talk then moves to how little people do not mix well with apes, and how Penn Jillette solved his birthday party dilemma. (Hint, it involves knives)   The clown brotherhood is extremely racist, apparently.  Adam and Jon talk about their favorite pagan holiday traditions, and say some odd stuff.  Thanks for listening, and have a kick ass thanksgiving!

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Matt Haag joins the gang for this episode of Born in the Eighties, to talk about stuff... Matt is doing the music for a local show!  We listen to it!  Jon spends most of the podcast unwittingly ripping on Matt.  Adam pays for Chinese food with a Kung Fu DVD.  Beers from around the world are consumed, and a good time is had by all.  All Music in the episode by Matt Haag. Buckle up, this is a long one....

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Jon and Adam reconvene after the horrific fright fest that was the first annual spookening.  Topics range from how terrible Boo radley is at playing apples to apples, good space pilot names, old hanna barbara cartoons, how top cat might have had something to do 9/11, and how terrible Scrappy Doo was.  Dark Jon appears and makes Scooby Doo into a real horror show.  Silky J grew up on the streets.  Jon tells the tale of how he got kicked off of his 4th grade field trip.  Then, things get serious for a bit.  This is a weird one.

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In this week's born in the eighties, a spooktacular appears!  Jon and Adam discuss their greatest fears, talk shop about the scariest of the famous hollywood monsters.  Jon uncovers a deep secret about Dracula's potato vodka distillin' ways, and Adam stocks up on boxes of Boo-berry.   A spooky bris happens in the apartment, with many Matz0-golems in attendance.   R.A. Salvatore is a dracula, and once was roommates with the pope.  The guys hatch a plan for world domination by going back in time and investing wisely, until Jon betrays Adam!  To wrap things up, Jon and Adam ponder what life would be like with a 35 year old kind of chubby spinster lady ghost, and where they would want to "haunt" if after they died they became ghosts.

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