Born in the Eighties

This week we are joined by very special guest and well known voice you've heard while browsing a Gamestop, Cole Watson! Quizbot returns to grill our guest, and topics range from the animated abomination of the Rapsittee Street Kids to Chompette and how to actually land IN the friend zone.

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Get those fortnite dancing and dabbing hours in while they are still legal! Check out the Epic Games store, and old game show re-runs on Netflix. Matt sees a Poppins return, Jon plays "Bandersnatch" and TJ has some Nintendo Switch Online rumors. Beware the giant VR women, and tune in today!

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Turn on "Big Button Mode" and listen in to this week's episode! We talk of twinks, smurfing and MMO's of days gone bye. We also learn of wizarding plumbing problems, and high school dating stories. Make sure to subscribe, subs get snapchat!

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John Mcafee is tweeting about whales, millennials are fake selling out on Instagram, teens are red pilling themselves in high school, and everybody is poor.  Eat the Rich, Happy 2019.

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