Born in the Eighties

Recording from the brand spanking new Born in the Eighties studios!  The guys ponder disney and looney tunes and whether or not Chuck Jones is a racist.  If you haven't seen the movie Tiptoes... watch the trailer.  Lance brings a song that he recorded, and he totally doesn't do a Danzig impression.  Tyler makes everything go dark.... so dark...

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The guys chat about bad movie experiences, favorite scary movies, the foxiest first ladies, and how awkward that 1988 beach boys rock n roll hall of fame induction was.  Not to mention Tyler decides to get real quiet...

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Matt Haag joins Lance and Jon for a very SPECIAL episode of born in the eighties. The guys talk about horror movies, and Lance's car troubles. Smut and eggs, sadly, were not consumed.   Jon, Lance, and Matt talk about stories they wrote when they were 12 years old. Some podcast drama is brought up, the air is cleared, and all parties leave better than they came. Make sure to edit Wikipedia for us! Do it for the glory! CROATOAN!

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Jon has a cold. Tyler explains how that if you want to see good butts, to watch baseball. Lance explains the best episode of Family Feud ever. Jon theorizes that the black comedians from the 90s have formed a tontine for brewster's millions. The guys talk about their favorite era of women, and Jon is definitely not into 20s women. We head into Tyler's tales from the Sex Crypt, and nobody leaves unscathed. Tyler tells tales of Dominatrixes, Ropers, and being a drag queen.  The guys also talk 80s and 90s cartoons, and yup... you guessed it... The Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles is awesome.

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