Born in the Eighties

You read it! Zach to the T to the B is in Tokyo Drift for some reason. He is also dating the sluttiest girl ever. Adam discusses his shucking and jiving life lessons.  Jon uncovers deep dark secrets of Santa Claus, (yes, again) and Adam fears that things have gone a bit too far off track. Turns out Tokyo Drift is actually pretty watchable, and Little Bow Wow is still a very little person. Jon suspects that he contracted that webster virus. Maybe he was bit by a feral Gary Coleman.

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Jon doesn't know what is going on, his life flashes before his eyes, and this historic moment is captured in audio form.  Watch a man unravel before your eyes.  Laugh at his icompetence and see a man reduced to the lowest of lows.  Seriously, it is bad, what happened? I can't explain it.  Listen and find out.

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Born in the Eighties 15: The Witches of Lake Waubonga

Our Fourth of July revelry has laid waste to the recording apartment.  Adam discusses the fineries of "Witchering" and how his new promotion is much more exciting than once thought.  Lake Waubonga will be Adam's camping destination where he will be front captain of the S.S. paddleboat, doing water battle with lake witches.  Jon confuses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Jessica Parker and remembers the Flight of the Navigator as being a real dick.  Jon and Adam recount famous nightmares, and talk about how scary the grimace is.  Jon talks about his introduction to the dark world of clowning.  2 Words, Poop Steak. 3 Words Boulder Porta-potty Peeper  4 Words, Fake Japanese Pop Idols. 5 Words, Police Taser Middleton Machete Wielding Man.  Watch the documentary "Guys and Dolls", or you might find yourself in a porta potty at a yoga festival in boulder.  Also, Mr. Peeper's Penguins is a pretty messed up movie.

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