Born in the Eighties
Born in the Eighties 21: With Jay Gabel

Adam and Jon welcome common friend Jay Gabel.  The quizbot gauntlet nearly kills him, but a question about deli meats nearly kills Jon on the spot.  When cake fights pie, pie wins!  Larry Fishburne is a puritan shark in a pilgrim hat murdering young couples.  Many swear words are uttered, and Jon is flabbergasted by his voluminous vocabulary.

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Have you ever made a really bad decision due to alcohol?  We watched The Santa Clause 2, and get way too deep into the details of the world of Santa Clause 2. Also, Clone Santa is one crazy son of a B.

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Our friend and benefactor Mr. Matthew Haag joins Jon and Adam for a chat about things including, but not limited to, computer troubles, podcasting theory, new formats for the show, promise of future guests, the astonishing quizbot 5000, Jon's secret past as a child radio hobbyist, how Tommy Lee Jones is a huge dick, Matt's amazing cats, how the Chimney Sweeps from Mary Poppins are secret ninjas and many more topics.  Remember, Silky J will not choke a bitch, but he will discipline a ho with unpaid vacation days, or a loss stock options.  Matt breaks a chair.  Remember skateboarders, your pain is my happiness.

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Born in the Eighties 18: Fast & Furious

Movie PODCAST!!!!!!  Well, if you are looking for movie talk about this week's flick, Fast and Furious, skip ahead to the 45 minutes mark, as Jon and Adam get hyper tangential.  Discussion ranges from childhood halloween costumes, Jon's previous pursuit of the fairer sex, and so much more.  Hold on to your shirts and prepare your tweed and pocket protectors because Shirt-pires are abound in this weeks edition of Born in the Eighties.

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