Born in the Eighties

Adam and Jon are again joined by their guest Lance to talk about everything from the Bat Cave's secret playboy grotto to the ability for drunken girls to take the fall at a party busted by the cops.  Lance outruns the local police, and whips a "shitty" in his dodge neon.  Meanwhile, Jon contemplates whether or not someone died in his car before he bought it.  All of the while Adam tries to decide whether the BK kids club or the extreme ghostbusters is more diverse.   All this and more in the 7th episode.  If you listened to these once a day, that would be a full week, and you would be a weird person for doing so.

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This week Adam and Jon talk to their good friend and old roommate Lance Kilcoyne.  He is a funny person, and he adds his unique point of view to the stuck up and stuffy podcast that Adam and Jon run.  His new free-wheeling ways upset the establishment and he is thrown out for being too "real".  But, banding together with his new pal Rowdy Roddy Piper, Lance gets set to take over the airwaves with his own brand of realism.   Through a hilarious romp-ridden musical montage Lance takes over the studio from the opressors. Jon and Adam end up with pies in their faces, and a Tears for Fears song plays as the kids win!! Yay!  Also, Donkey Lips is still alive, I repeat, Donkey Lips is still alive.

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Join Jon and Adam, and their special guest Lauren!  Topics range from pizza dough formed from babies, Babar's ghost, 

Alligator Slapping Machines, Glenn Beck leaving Fox News, Hipster Hitler, Drive by hick shootings, and Nazi's infiltrating the US with make-up mirrors.

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This week, our hosts are joined by a Mr. Tony Trout.  He was not born in the eighties, but his heart is in the right place.  France and its malodorousness are discussed, as well as a lot of pondering on languages in general.  Our hosts discuss their favorite on stage roles, and we get our very first listener email.

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