Born in the Eighties

Outfitted in the finest new recording equipment that tax return money could buy, our 2 intrepid 80's-nauts decide to peruse the news.  Pudgy men win awards for jumping into kiddie pools, women hide illicit substances in odd places, and french canada refuses to be freaky.  All this in more in Born in the Eighties 3rd outing.

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Born in the Eighties 2: David Tennant Squashing 3 small French Bulldogs

In this episode, Atlantis is discovered, and we find out that Mrs Neptunia is a bit of a Bitch with a capital B.  Mercury causes the death of thousands of puppies, unwittingly.  Cock shotguns are invented and distribution of such weapons is foiled by the police.  We also reply to Miss Anita Sayed.

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Born in the Eighties 1: Lustfully Yours, Miss Anita Sayed

Our intrepid heroes wax philosophical about Jake Lloyd spinning mad yo-yos, the Sherlock Hamm detective agency, and the un-importance of "stinking badges".  90's dog makes his skateboarding appearance, as well as Dave Coulier and Jack Ching, Bada Bing the jackalope.  Stay tuned to the end for our first ever reader email!  

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This is the inaugural episode of Born in the Eigthes.  Originally recorded in December of 2010, I finally got off of my lazy ass to put this thing together.  This is "patient zero" if you will, of a show I do with my best friend, every week.  Think of it as if you were a fly on the wall of a room full of 2 people talking about complete bullshit, but since you are a fly, you don't see that spider crawling behind you, and you are devoured.  That is Born in the Eighties in a Nutshell.

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