Born in the Eighties

Jon comes down with the fever.  Lance and Tyler argue about the Walking Dead (spoilers) and blow Jon's mind.  There is an epic battle in the intermission, and Jon spoils who wins.  The crypt yet again opens with a new submission, and everyone gets a little mad.

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Lance has a pretty amazing birthday. Jon and special guest Jay Gabel share stories. Comics, drinking stories, and dogs getting hit by cars! Check out Jay Gabel's writing at Capeless Crusader!

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The gang of 3 is back again. No stripper stories this time.  Tyler has more car troubles, and doesn't really seek a solution. Lance spins a yarn about yelling at a stranger that doesn't have an ending, and Jon talks about the time children ate his popsicles. Also, the guys begin a movie prediction game for the summer of movies 2013! Listen in for your summer movie gossip and predictions.

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Jon, Lance and Tyler welcome a special guest. Another female friend of Tyler's.  This one, however, was a house mother at a local stripping establishment.  Hear the horror stories of what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite late night gentlemen's establishment.  Names and places have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

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