Born in the Eighties

Adam and Jon decide to masticate on some asian cakes made from pinapples and roots. Adam chokes down ice cream soda, while the papaya on Jon's juice can says "How do you do?". The first "This Week in Werewolf News" segment lands! What is the plural of Dracula? Draculii? Draculum?  Draculae? FIND US A MEXICLOWN! Everything is going great... until Dark Jon rears his head and threatens to destroy all that we hold dear.  I apologize profusely for the end of this episode.  I blame the taro cakes!

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Jon and Adam cover a myriad of subjects, including introducing podcasts, the after credits dojo, wordpress updates, being killed in dark souls, and a little movie called... "Fast Five" A sock is all you need my friends, a sock is all you need.

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Jon and Adam talk video games for the holiday season of 2011.  Casey Kasem's spirit inhabits Jon, and the hot new band "Roll Control" sings the hits. Adam ponders how pee filled water balloons are filled, and everyone talks a lot about video games.  At some point Jon robots out, and Adam confesses his bi-halo-curiousity.  And a warning, the dragon will fall on you!  Stay tuned after the ending music for the shortest full podcast ever.

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