Born in the Eighties

Look, we aren't experts on anything really, so why should you listen to us?  Because Jon finally snagged a ringfit adventure?  Because Matt bought a Nintendo Switch?  Or that we watched episodes 15-20 of Avatar, the Last Airbender?  We are no experts, but, here are our unsolicited opinions on these topics.

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This is our agenda, to attack and dethrone god.  We also chat about the PS5 reveal event, as well as the various bits of civil unrest happening in the worst year ever. #BLM 

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I don't care whether or not they fund the drug trade, they taste great!  TJ's taco mirabell rice experiment has concluded, Spanky and Jon have thoughts.  Matt caused our guild to explode again, and we recap episodes 11-14 of Avatar the Last Airbender.

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Maybe it is all the listerine and soda pop he is drinkin, but if you got a leaky gut, you are gonna have a leaky butt.  We continue talkin Avatar, herbal teas that make you poop, rocksmith on PC, and games that aren't world of warcraft.

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