Born in the Eighties

Tyler and Jon talk about how to really get out of a speeding ticket, Lance has his gears severly ground, and we all take a ride on Justin's Bus.  Also, Lance likes to loiter around pawn shops for some reason.

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Tyler makes a few verbal gaffes, and tells the story about how he stabbed himself in the hand and basically bled all over everything.  Oh, and did I mention?  This is Adam's final appearance.  Also, while the song is pronounced Rev ill lee, the song Jon was thinking about is known as Taps.

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Jon, Adam and Lance get together to talk about Lord of the Rings races, X-men movies, Jon rips off the Mario theme for Lance's "Hollywood News" segment.  Lance chats about his bed collection woes, awful night out, and everyone is shocked at Adam's betrayal.  Finally, a popular segment returns! The pen-adam-timate episode is on!

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We start the show with a bang on discussion of Armageddon, and there are 40 oz beverages to be consumed. Eric and Jon realize that they are 8 oz short. Lance continues to yell at people from his car, and everybody shares stories of their young drinking experiences.  Not to mention technical difficulties, black outs and drunken painting gone wrong.

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