Born in the Eighties

Jon and Tyler share an intimate chat while Lance is out on assignment.  Topics range from HVACs, to roller derby, and Tyler counts down his top 10 american television shows on the air today.  Jon plots to steal away Tyler's girlfriend, and Tyler doesn't even seem to care. The T.V. debate is informative and extensive.  Enjoy.

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Jon, Lance, and Tyler chat about shows they would like to see off of the air.  Lance brings a music countdown the likes of which you never could believe.  Tyler opens up the crypt yet again, and we barely get it to closed. Oh, and also... new logo.

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The Crypts are flown wide open when Tyler and Lance both delve into their own personal sex crypts.  All is told, too much is shared, and Lance tries his luck at a biker bar.

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We sit down with Key & Peele's own Keegan Michael Key, and quizbot interrupts with a serious set of questions.

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