Born in the Eighties

Jon has moved to his new apartment, gotten his computer repaired successfully, and now is the proud owner of cable TV and DVR.  Adam attended a drive in movie, and saw the best movie ever, Fantastic 4.  Jon loves PLEX and moving his DVDs into the digital age, and continues to harp on Star Citizen, and Adam allows Jon to nap for FAR too long.


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Jon recants his trip to Chicago, blows Adam's mind with meal prices, and complains about tourists.  Adam says something about fusion reactors.  Jon is recording his last episode in the shit-partment, and dreads moving all of his garbage to a new place.  Adam is not down with the owl-headed Demon Andras.


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Adam is living with a dangerous piece of equipment.  Jon has some strong takes on Orange is the New Black season 3, and isn't a big fan of the backlash about Ready Player One going on right now.  Jon breaks out the old media during his move to a new apartment, and he has an update on computergate 2015.  Adam discusses his new minecraft server, and Jon gets hooked back in on the old dragon again.

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Adam has a doozy of a pickle with his internet problems.  Meanwhile, robots are passing logic tests, and Adam is playing PS4 fighting games with a second controller.  Jon talks playing Borderlands 2 and being the literal lifeline for someone who has crash landed on an alien moon.  All that and plenty of Jon cheating with the turbo button on the controller in this week's episode of Born in the Eighties.

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