Born in the Eighties

Jon and Adam try to explain seventies hanna barbara cartoons, and fail miserably.  Jon falls deep into the well that is the Air Bud saga... and does not return.  Quizbot returns and grills our special guest, Eric.  Also, Jon would totally take a child-ghost bride.

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Continuing with the debauchery... Lance decides the group should enter into a new Death Pool...  Does this make us all terrible human beings, yes... but you should listen anyway.  All that and a new edition of This Week in Werewolf News.  Listen in!

P.S. Screw Werewolf News . com

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WARNING: Explicit! Jon defends Brett Favre's dick picks.  The guys discuss everything sexual and taboo.  Tyler brings it to this extremely explicit episode of Born in the Eighties.  Also, Jon cheats at measuring, and Tyler barely finishes a story.

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Jon starts with a suggestion for the listeners, Lance wonders how tetanus works, and Adam regales us with tales of lawyerly mails. Also Jon basically gives Louis CK a BJ. Shut up Jon.  Oh wait.. you have some amazing dreams about airplane crashes and pornstar parties?  Do tell...

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