Born in the Eighties

Adam is not a communist, though he theoretically partakes like one. You know. Jon rants about youtube personalities and the high art of Gilbert and Sullivan performances. Jon and Adam both try their hand at being super spies in the superb Metal Gear Solid 5. Can Adam survive his car crashing into the water? Listen in this week to find out.

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Adam's body is certainly something.  Jon's heart is TRULY filled with the sound of music, but he very much lives off of the pain of others.  Jon and Adam reminisce about animated movies of their childhoods, both Disney and Don- Bluthian.  Jon recommends Rick and Morty, and both of the hosts wish that Mike Meyers could do more stuff. The dudes learn about the rules for Road Runner cartoons, and Jon thinks that Tom and Jerry SHOULD NEVER TALK.

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Adam attempts to remain off of the grid, Jon drives in to see TOO MANY MOVIES, and is underwhelmed by the Anted-man.  Jon and Adam talk about horrendous table-top gaming sessions from hell.  Who would have thought that some gaming nerds might end up being a little quirky?


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Adam is Mr. late night, and he is beginning the year of Adam. Jon is unable to get Windows 10 on his PC, but that doesn't make a bit of difference guys, because the fall of video games 2015 is beginning right now! Notch, of minecraft fame, is very sad, and very rich. Don't get your chicken from Sweet Sue's.

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