Born in the Eighties

Lance and Jon talk football.  There might be a guest... will he wake up?  Things get a little bit blue and Jon gets dark.  Jon and Lance provide picks for Hollywood's biggest night!  The Tarantino meltdown is also discussed.

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Lance and Jon chat about being yelled at in the car, troll dongs, and so much more.

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Jon goes to a hockey match, and learns some hard life lessons in event parking. tyler recants tales of being thrown out of bars, and the super secret episode of "The Two of Me" is unleashed.

This'un's a doozy.

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Jon and Lance talk about garbage piles past, DJs, VJs and so much more.  This one is off the chain, rocking you in your mucous membrane.

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Jon can't remember his 1950's beatnik writers, Lance has a torrid 2 week affair, and is accosted at a Qdoba by a war hero.  Some 2014 predictions and so much more.

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