Born in the Eighties

Tyler is yet again out on assignment.  Jon and Lance are joined by Lauren.  Lance deletes facebook.  They take the time to talk about racist and sexist people in their hometowns, as well as interesting experiences with doctors.  Feel sorry for young little Lance, I know I do.

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Ok kiddos!  Tyler is absent yet again, so Lance and Jon sit down by the fire to have a chat with all of you about how to live your life.   There will be tips on how to survive prison, what will happen to you if you don't graduate high school, how to get cash for silver, and how to sing while welding.  All in all a great podcast.  Be careful around subway trains, and don't major in theatre.

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Tyler is off on assignment.  Lance and Jon are joined by Eric.  A game of jeopardy ensues, is slightly interrupted by Alex Trebek, and a winner is crowned.  The return of "Dear Lance" brings advice for living your lives straight to you!

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