Born in the Eighties

Jon is joined by Mercury Stardust, aka Tyler Falco Schott, to chat about parking disputes, sketchy walks at 2 a.m., Burlesque shows in Atlanta Georgia, hacking Uber, and southern hospitality. You can see Tyler, Jon and Adam at Oddcon 2015 in Madison on April 11th at 3pm.


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Jon rages against the whole "geek chic" culture, Adam desperately tries to remember things from a movie HE JUST SAW.  The guys also talk about wrassling and so much more.

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Born in the Eighties 163: The John Cenas of the Forest

The guys speed through an episode that is EXACTLY 1 hour long, so they can return to playing games online.  Fucking dragons, amirite?


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Carebears everywhere. Beware.  Everybody get bummed.  Jon goes into to ultimate misery vampire mode.


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