Born in the Eighties

TJ and his clan are infected, Matt plays a trivia game, and Jon enters the world of pick up artists. Also, realdolls are hella expensive, better get your Sugar Granny to make it rain.

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2017 has been a terrible year! It is time to have a terrible Christmas! We watch the Vince Vaughn Vanity Vehicle - Fred Claus. This movie opens with Kathy Bates giving birth to the largest baby ever, and stars Kevin Spacey creepily stalking around a bunch of short men.

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Jon participates in a sleep study, Matt watches Ladybird, TJ dishes on Patreon's update, and we all attempt to pronounce Saoirse correctly.

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Matt and Jon are varying levels of impressed by Pocket Camp, TJ is a video golf champion, and we all are mystified by the ways of the reddit pick up artist community. Boo to lootboxes and multiplayer only games! Hooray for Napoleonic meme combat!

Art by Megalomaniacaly on Deviant Art

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