Born in the Eighties

Hamm is the Redeemer. He drank a gallon of sweet tea for your sins.  Also, this podcast is about fighting games, battlefield hardline, other stuff.  Adam teaches everyone about boring computers, and Jon laments his failures in high school drama.


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Adam and Jon conclude their visit while discussing such things as supermarkets, uncharted, hazing, talking computers, and much much more.



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Adam and Jon gab about the newest news of the video gaming extravaganza known as the E3, aka Electronic 3, aka Electronic artistic extravanganza, aka Electroincal Enterntainment Expository.  Also, Jon and Adam rant about some stuff, etc.  More like Least Guardian AMIRITE?!?!



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Adam and Jon chat about the facts of life, Adam saw a film, Jon did some junk, including walking in on some backdoor Tattoos.  This episode is dedicated to e3 predictions and the 2nd bi-weekual BWTCCT we watch Solaris! Forgive Jon for his computer deciding to return AGC to his mic setup (look up automatic gain control it is a BIATCH)  That is all.

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"Fanfare for Space" Kevin MacLeod ( 

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