Born in the Eighties

Wherein Jon really wants to become a private eye.



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Jon and Adam talk about 2 things, fallout 4 and MST3K. What a ffantasy to behold.


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War never changes.  Fallout 4 proves that at least games don't change.  Adam and Jon are hyped for the game, and chat about many topics.  Adam tries to sell Jon on the walking dead, and Jon has many opinions on watching other people play games.  Chocolates from around the world is coming to Jon.  Metal Gear Solid 5 is a pretty damn find Hideo game.  Adam can't bring himself to play the game anymore.  Also, Candy Crush is worth more than Star Wars... apparently.  Did Adam fall asleep while recording this episode?  You be the judge.

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Jon says good things about Charter, and Charter responds by disconnecting him mid-podcast.  Jon deep dives back into his single past, Adam contemplates a dog, and the guys talk high school sports and such.  Adam survives an ordeal in the desert, and enjoys a new hip hop artist.  And even though the disconnection occurred, the hangout didn't disappear, and Jon didn't go back to pro recording mode, so the sound gets rougher later in the show.  Normally I would check that again, but the application didn't close.  I blame Adam for not saying anything about the obvious quality drop.  As always, it is his fault.  He never reads these, so I can call him whatever I want.  He is a tuned out shipsman without a port of call.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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