Born in the Eighties
Born in the Eighties 172: Mr Trigonometry

Jon got a new phone and is not loving the new season of Game of Thrones.   Watch him fly off on many tangents, that is why they call him.. well.. you know.  Adam attempts to describe Jupiter Ascending in less than 20 seconds.  The guys discuss the Witcher 3, American Sniper, and Steven Universe's Attack the Light. Kevin Owens pop-up powerbombs most of the wrestling segment after the episode!

Kevin Owens, attack the light,steven universe,witcher 3,american sniper,galaxy s6,jupiter ascending,mila kunis,channing tatum,tangents,trigonometry,NXT,becky lynch,game of thrones,sansa,John Cena



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First, a quick Computergate 2015 update, then, Adam travels back down the Marvel Hole.  Jon experiences "Weeds" for the first time.  Jon watched "What we do in Shadows", and both of the guys ponder taking a "naked final".  The Simpsons say saynoara to Harry Shearer, and Jon ponders his future in virtual reality.  Breton's email is answered a month late, and Adam ruminates about his Witcher 3 future.


Witcher 3 Wild Hunt,Harry Shearer,weeds,Jenji Kohan,Breton,VR,Oculus Rift,Project Morpheus,HTC Vive,nudity,Jermaine Clement,Vampires,What we do in shadows,computergate 2015,marvel

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We begin the episode with a Computergate 2015 update, and Jon is optimistic about his computorial futures.  Adam chats about his playing of Pillars of Eternity.  Discussion moves to the many deaths of Adam's DnD Monks and Ninjunks, and the awesomeness of Good Old Games.  Piracy sucks, but so do game companies.  Re-release our favorite games please. (Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete).  Then, Adam and Jon are sucked into a Marvel hole, where they discuss The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel movies, and Marvel Comics.  Marvel Unlimited is pretty danged awesome.  Jon is knee Deep in the civil war, and Adam is excited for Sami Zayn on Monday Night Raw.  Another awesome episode of NXT was on, and the guys speculate storylines for Payback and NXT Takeover.


Pillars of Eternity,Marvel,Avengers,Age of Ultron,Marvel Unlimited,Sami Zayn,Kevin Owens,Payback,Lunar,Pathfinder,Monk,Ninjunk,piracy,computergate 2015,she hulk's butt,good old games,NXT,civil war

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Jon and Adam discuss laboratory accidents, the movie film Interstellar (one of those walkie-talkies), the upcoming avengers film, the chinese art of Wuxia Films.  Adam is left to fend for himself, and the boys invent a new app.  China discovered faster than light travel, and the Avatar sequel will be a revival of Cats the musical.. IN SPACE!


interstellar,tars,wuxia,laboratory,perchloric acid,avengers,ultron,reciprocity,meerkat,periscope,prairie dogs,motel 6,avatar 2,warp bubbles,SCIENCE!

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Jon and Adam chat about Star Citizens, Computer Gate 2015, futurism, full body transplants, the hearsay of Hari Vani, the "Food Babe".  Basically Jon rants a lot.  They also chat about lots of other things including Extreme Rules 2015 predictions.


budget bytes,star citizen,wwe,extreme rules,computergate 2015,food babe,GMOs,robot bodies,clocks,press your luck

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