Born in the Eighties

The gang talks about comfort TV, working at a Pizza Inn, some small town google reviews, TJ bites a can, Jon rants about Quibi, and we all hate on Roseanne.  This is part one of the Bite Book Club (BBC) for Avatar: the Last Airbender (Episodes 1-5)

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Matt has his gamer chair, TJ is toothless, and Jon wants a big boy chair to call his own.  We attempt to navigate the pandemic ravaged online shopping sites, and talk a little world of warcraft classic too.

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You want some hot wet Mcdonalds?  Well, we tried it so you don't have to.  We also dip our toes into the insane world of the cereal mascot cinematic universe.  Hold on to your bussy and tune on in!

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Does your cheesecake clap?  Is it thicc enough?  You could make a cheesecake in a rice cooker, or you could make a McMiracle.

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