Born in the Eighties

Adam and Jon talk about everything from low elves to high elves to side elves to top elves.  They also gab about the upcoming AMC preacher tv series, Adam attempts to survive a plane crash, and Jon rants about overspending on podcast equipment.  Jon and Adam also make a bet about the release of "The Last Guardian".  Get ready for that charity money 2024!

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Jon and Adam are bursting at the seams with things to chat about.  A Wheel of Time pilot was unceremoniously excreted onto FXX's airwaves in the wee morning hours.  Jon is a-ok with the robo-revolution in the upcoming "CHAPPiE".  Adam revisits some Robin William's "classics" and Jon talks about "Bruno".  The guys also remark on Peter Molyneux's bad week in the press, and Jon still hates Kickstarter.  All that and reactions from NXT Takeover: Rival on this week's edition of the eightiescast.


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Jon rolls in with a Computergate 2015 update, Adam chats about his new favorite show "Empire".  Jon delivers a hot promo on the USPS and Amazon's prime pantry.  The guys discuss the new Persona 5 trailer and ponder a high school life that coulda been.  Adam attempts to escape from a burning high rise, and the guys talk about wrasslin' and the upcoming NXT Takeover: Rival.


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Jon and Adam jaw about various generic soda brand names, as well as computergate 2015 and other technical issues.  The boys discover the sheer incomprehensible complexity of the animorphs universe.  Also, goosebumps books were the shiz, and those characters had great games.  Jon and Adam talk movies like Nonstop, American Sniper, and Her.  Plenty to love here, all that and Royal Rumble talk after the show!


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