Born in the Eighties

Don't duel with Miyamoto Musashi.  That is a no-brainer.  Jon and Adam talk down Rock Paper Shotgun's top 50 PC RPGs,  Jon talks proper veggie techniques, and Adam's giant melon head has destroyed another pair of headphones, but at least he is having groceries delivered to his door!  Also, Jon has a weird laugh in this episode.



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Come on down to Tortuga Town, where Jon and Adam will talk your ears off about Star Wars, Jon's new Frasier obsession, the excellent "Inside Out" picture, the classic "9 to 5" film, the not so excellent movie "Get Hard" and the merely o.k. film "She's Having a Baby".   All that and a load of bricks.  Jon gets real for a moment, and Adam talk about roommates and how to get ahead in life without trying.


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Adam an Jon discuss how to properly celebrate our nation's birth.  Adam has some internet issues, Jon rants about people in movie theaters and Walgreens.  Jon saw Jurassic World, and has a whole mess of opinions on it.  Adam "camps" while seeing nature as little as possible.  Mary Poppins is just a tad more messed up than you remember.



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Jon and Adam return from their long summer hiatus. (Jon visited adam, and then proceeded to have jury duty the next week) Very busy.  But we have a podcast chock full of E3 news, personality quizzes, Computergate 2015 update, and so very much more.


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