Born in the Eighties

Hey, have you heard of Disney Plus?  Why it is the brand new streaming service in your home, like Netflix!  Do they have bad original Christmas movies like Netflix?  You betcha.  Check out this film from 2017 too good to be released into theaters, so it came out on Disney Plus in 2019. Noelle

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Jon... uh... is playing world of warcraft, but Matt's uncle works at Nintendo, so things are pretty cool there.  TJ is dead inside, and we are all looking for some cyber love.

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This week Jon continues to rant about Capitalism, TJ weighs city planning in Dark Cloud, and Matt wants to talk about the cyber truck.  Which Baldwin is best?  Definitely not the one in a certain movie we talk about...

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Hey guys, let's creep out our co-workers by debating the tactics of the germans in WW2. What? I am being "sacked?" I'm taking my war criminal vest and waffen ss memorabilia off my desk and back home. Nothing bad will come of this.

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TJ remembers days of yooper past and plays some old xbox games, Jon has a broken turntable, and Matt is just about burnt out on WoW Classic.  Sounds awful? Don't worry, there is context within.

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Guys, anime is uhhh problematic.  There are some things we need to talk about.  Jon rants about anime, Matt pushes to get max level in world of warcraft, TJ recants a previous medical episode, and we all get into some weird science.

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Jon rants about Downsizing for the 2nd week in a row, TJ ponders an AITA, and tries to better the world, and all Matt wants to be is a Star Wars Boi

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Hoo boy, this is a doozy, this is the sex number episode!  You know Jon brought some spicy Reddit relationships stories.  Matt continues to be addicted to world of warcraft classic, and TJ has a story about dealing with choosy beggars,

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Hoo boy, we are gonna get cancelled for this one.  Jon rants about cancelling people and anime, Matt is addicted to World of Warcraft, Spanky is tired of the alliance, and TJ is overjoyed with joycon drift and SNES games on the Switch!

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We podcast live from Ratchet in World of Warcraft: Classic!  Jon tries to herd the group together, Matt discusses liquor bottles as art, TJ brings the egg knowledge, and Spanky wants a buff grandma.

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The boys talk WoW Classic, our poopsocking strategies, and much more.  Jon also brings a new segment, small town reviews, which isn't shameless stolen from someone else. Matt is a Thirsty Whale, Spanky is a polecat, and TJ is a Minoquabat!

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The boys talk about Amazon's the boys, Spanky has some thoughts on Evangelion, Jon struggles to defend anime, and Matt chooses his Supernatural Waifu.  In the end, all we want is Peanut butter cups.

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Jon starts things off with some small town google reviews, and the gang ponders google maps and area 51.  Tj and Matt weigh in on some relationship questions, and we all know that if you are going to film in front of the mural, you should at least tell me about it.

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Please talk to little Timmy, he is a member of the family.  It doesn't matter that he is stuffed, or that he is a mouse, he is your brother in law, and you MUST RESPECT TIMMY!

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This is a Jon-less affair.  Matt hosts a rollickin' sode where topics range from 80's movie sequels and remakes, to the McDonald's cinematic universe.  TJ has an AITA quandary, and Spanky joins for the episode.

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This episode starts off heavy as TJ recounts a harrowing experience at work.  Matt continues to play world of warcraft "classic" and Jon starts a new MMO addiction of the final fantasy variety.  Tune in to experience the opposite of that pleasant tingling feeling, that is the Born in the Eighties promise!

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Matt drinks beer, Jon rants about Evangelion, and TJ brings a whopper of a doozy to the show.  Clink away and drop those coins into a bucket in private, don't wake your family please.

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This week Matt chats about Vanilla World of Warcraft, Jon boards the reddit "ship" to make you feel better about your personal lives, and TJ finds a new subreddit for us.  Thanks, I hate it!

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TJ is sampling sodas of the diet variety, Matt is playing a video game from 2005, and Jon is bringing tales of brexit mishaps and sociopathic significant others.  Also, E3 Happened, I guess.

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Matt keeps it WoW classic, TJ wonders if he is the asshole, and Jon brings some reddit ships to make us all feel better about ourselves.  That, and a lot of scat talk.

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TJ finds an interesting new subreddit, Jon attempts to solve racism, and Matt gets pro - biotic.  Also, Classic World of Warcraft is taking over all of our lives.

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We chat about skeezy beauty and gaming #youtube content creators. TJ is back on the Pokemon Go train, and Matt wants to hop in that boxcar.  Jon rants about Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and ponders the new addiction that will be WoW Classic.

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The NBA Finals are approaching, so Jon wants to break down the remaining mascots.  TJ has a bone to pick with some corporate twitter accounts, and Matt has seen the Endgame, and is ready to spoil it.

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Depressing, surprising, surprisingly depressing... That is what deprising is all about. 2019 in a nutshell. TJ demos Nintendo's Labo VR. Jon rants about rich people again, and we discuss Disney live action movies, Coco, Avatar, spying sisters, and dating age gaps. It is all very... deprising.

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Jon pines for multiplayer FPS gaming of ages past, Matt gets spooky on an alpha midnight ghost hunt, and TJ trains in the dojo of Cobra Kai.  We also deal with a bragging date in this week's answers section.

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After falling down the feed of a low key Korean Frozen tumblr fetish account, the guys decide to record a podcast.  TJ shares some ramen hacks, Matt watched Hereditary, and Jon has a bad theater experience watching US.  Get plating, and watch out for Karen, she'll tell your manager.

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Jon goes car shopping, TJ dreams of anime food wars, Matt has problems with #brands there are anime music video sites, and opossums having oproblems!

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How much would you pay for a cameo?  Matt discovers the terrible wonders of Cameo, TJ fails at speedrunning, and Jon dishes out some vegan facts.

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Jon reads a cancerous press release, TJ becomes a paperclip piling powerhouse, and Matt gets all up in the disappointing Virtual Bart.  We talk furry terminology, eighth grade, james gunn, and so much more.

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Tj's got some tales of tooth trouble, Jon is excited about buying power equipment and flipping virtual houses.  Matt is just ape-ing out everywhere, and we all talk twitch tactics.

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Jon is knee deep in BLOPS4, TJ is excited at a new pokemon game, and Matt just has to criticize everything Jon has ever done.  We walk down the history of Born in the Eighties, and look at some B.S. podcasting services.  Please spread the word, share quotable clips, and work that SEO.

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TJ just can't get enough of them Jorts, Matt remembers a tour of Green Day past, and Jon buys more movie posters.  Rocko's Modern Life, Black Ops 4, and blindfolded Rhythm Heaven, along with the return of a fan favorite game!

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Jon falls into the depths of the internet again, and a macabre game is played. TJ is T-spinning through the new Nintendo news, and Matt is thinking of the wrong kind of bum fight.

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Jon rants about capture equipment costs, TJ schools everyone on tax law, and Matt has some news about a new VR game.  We all assist a hapless soul with probably the worst relationship ever.  Macklemore sucks, there, I said it.

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We do a Mickey Quickie on Kingdom Hearts 3, Jon talks about Konosuba, Matt watches Solo, we are joined by Spanky from the while away podcast, we uncover some deep lore on Goofy's Italian Wife during TJ's BITE Answers segment.

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Matt, TJ, and Jon find out what Kingdom Hearts characters they are. #Hackthemenu returns with online ordering tips. Jon plays Slay the Spire, and we try to help a lady with some attention in a gym.

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This week we are joined by very special guest and well known voice you've heard while browsing a Gamestop, Cole Watson! Quizbot returns to grill our guest, and topics range from the animated abomination of the Rapsittee Street Kids to Chompette and how to actually land IN the friend zone.

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Get those fortnite dancing and dabbing hours in while they are still legal! Check out the Epic Games store, and old game show re-runs on Netflix. Matt sees a Poppins return, Jon plays "Bandersnatch" and TJ has some Nintendo Switch Online rumors. Beware the giant VR women, and tune in today!

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Turn on "Big Button Mode" and listen in to this week's episode! We talk of twinks, smurfing and MMO's of days gone bye. We also learn of wizarding plumbing problems, and high school dating stories. Make sure to subscribe, subs get snapchat!

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John Mcafee is tweeting about whales, millennials are fake selling out on Instagram, teens are red pilling themselves in high school, and everybody is poor.  Eat the Rich, Happy 2019.

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