Born in the Eighties

Jon recants his experiences seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, Lance waxes philosophical about Dr. Dre tracks. Lance gets an interesting haircut. Jon is accosted by a deaf beggar, and Jon and Lance take a trip into the headlines!

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Jon and Lance both saw Iron Man 3, and they talk about that... and interesting experiences in the theater in general.

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After a short discussion about the death of the amazing spider man, the show goes into a game of thrones season 3 spoilerfest. If you haven't watched through 5/5/13 skip to the 46 minute mark. There is some great music by the band "Great Divide" and in the second half Jon assays the role of Tyler's therapist so Tyler can get some things off of his chest. Things get really real. You've been warned.  Halftime Music by 'Great Divide'

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Lance visits the Cinema, and admits is hatred of adventure games. Jon and Lance continue to shit on the walking dead. A brand spanking new cinema villain is created.... Lighting. Also, Jo, look what you got right in front of you....

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