Born in the Eighties

TJ and his clan are infected, Matt plays a trivia game, and Jon enters the world of pick up artists. Also, realdolls are hella expensive, better get your Sugar Granny to make it rain.

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2017 has been a terrible year! It is time to have a terrible Christmas! We watch the Vince Vaughn Vanity Vehicle - Fred Claus. This movie opens with Kathy Bates giving birth to the largest baby ever, and stars Kevin Spacey creepily stalking around a bunch of short men.

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Jon participates in a sleep study, Matt watches Ladybird, TJ dishes on Patreon's update, and we all attempt to pronounce Saoirse correctly.

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Matt and Jon are varying levels of impressed by Pocket Camp, TJ is a video golf champion, and we all are mystified by the ways of the reddit pick up artist community. Boo to lootboxes and multiplayer only games! Hooray for Napoleonic meme combat!

Art by Megalomaniacaly on Deviant Art

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Lance sits down for a somewhat serious talk. Thanks for listening!

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Spanky and Euan from the Kewlgames Inc Vancouver podcast join us as guests in this special episode. Spanky hates games, Euan loves Godzilla, and Quizbot makes his triumphant return.

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Lets light a candle for the best worst community of reddit r/incels, which has ceased to exists. The chads won people... the chads won. Also, PLAY DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB, IT IS FREE!!!!

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We talk about lesser known cults, Japanese Pizza Hut Menu items, Jon's resemblance to the serial killer on Mindhunter, and so much more. Cookiepuss is in your NIGHTMARES!

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Jon recreates his twitter account into something beautiful. TJ discusses the great movie robots, and Matt finds a new podcast to like, and a new town for Jon to live in.

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Jon and Lance sit down to chat about every thing from draft dodgers, to piss jugs, Lea Thompson, and much much more.

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Orcin' in New York in this new episode. We talk SNES Classics, Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, and Hack the Menu.

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TJ finds a list of real authentic baseball player names, Matt is into Synthesizers, and Jon introduces a new podcast game, Five Faves....

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Tj and Jon tell tales of their battle on the front lines of the SNES Classic launch. Matt plays Shadow of War mobile, and we delve back into the bowels of reddit, and Jon brings everyone down with him.

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We again visit the bowels of reddit, Adam extolls the virtues of the cougs, TJ educates on r/nofap and Matt becomes a Trudy Tective.


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This world is Elon Musk's simulation and we are just livin' in it.

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Matt is IT, Jon rants about Equifax, and TJ meets his destiny.. 2.  Also Pewdiepie said the n word, so that is the world we live in now.  Get ready for a heated podcast moment!

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TJ regales us with his tales of the Gamestop Expo, Matt learns about competitive tickling, and Jon gives a lesson on Twitterati lingo.

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The SNES classic preorder nonsense happened. Did any of us get one? What lengths did Jon go to, to get one? How many hours can a scantily clad woman stream dancing on twitch? Will the reddit boxing streams hold out all night? Find out, in this episode!

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Lance and Jon talk about lame nazis, nuclear armageddon, and the Island of Dr. Moreau. Yeah.. I guess that all fits in nicely.

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We get serious a bit, before talking about the funniest words ever, as proven by science.  We visit the bowels of reddit and talk PUBG stats.

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What is Mayo's southern cousin?  We are afraid of nukes and WWII Imax movies.  Matt's magikarp grows, and TJ is playin' portables.

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I guess Twitch raiding is a thing.  And boy do those teens love posting Nazi stuff.

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WARNING: LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE 'PILLED!!!  Symptoms include, pizza conspiracies, nes classic edition conspiracies, vegan conspiracies, and dating vampires.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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TJ is stuck on location preppin hawt comic-con merch, Matt ponders the future of VR, and Jon chows down on some Korean cookies.  AR translation apps are awesome, and the weird reddit incel community stars in this week's "The Bowels of Reddit" section.

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Listen in to hear the tales of the HAWT GRIFTING ACTION.  Face mites eat sleep and bone on your face, and there is nothing you can do about it.  TJ becomes a Hyrule Warrior, and Matt dishes on Spiderman and Castlevania on Netflix

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Kid Vid was pretty rad.  Sad to hear he is part of the alt-right now.  Jaws and Wheeler were really broken up about it.  I am really glad J.D. is no longer with us, because he doesn't have to see this hatred. SMH.  Please subscribe to my BK Kids Club fanzine, and support my BK Kids Club OC "Danger" Pls do not steal.

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The SNES classic is upon us.  Will TJ be able to live through it?  Matt is killing many orcs, and Jon is wondering about a certain woman.

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Everyone is live in the house, Lance has hot olsen twins takes, TJ has twitch problems, Matt is chillin', Harvey Keitel is talkin to Jesus, and Jon is just trying to keep things on the rails.  Remember, tweet responsibly.

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Mario is seriously up to some weird shizz.  Yes that guy slid down a pyramid, and things are expensive in the future.

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This is our e3 preview podcast we recorded the week before e3.  Join us and imagine an e3 2017 that could have happened.  We were wrong, bigly wrong.

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Kids these days.. what are we going to do?  Playin' Magikarp games on their phones, spilling fluids on Tony Hawk Ride boards, playing dumb sound effects.  This is truly the worst generation.

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Those tall ladies got Jon thinkin...  Bad Sonic Fanfic is read, TJ's love of fidget spinners are discussed, and Matt is sitting scared in the bathroom of an abandoned building clutching his UMP0 somewhere in Russia?  Wherever PUBG takes place, I guess.. it is Russia right?

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Jon, Matt and TJ talk about the movies of the summer!  But, before that, they find their favorite not quite properly licensed looney tunes shirts.  

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We chat about our various sleeping strategies, TJ grabs a computer dust to trip the light fantastic, and Matt is tentatively excited about the Owlchemy labs purchase by google.

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More Melissaphilia minute!  TJ brings us all down on his birthday, reminding us that death is all around us.  Matt experiences the new MST3K season, and Jon rants about the Fyre festival for a bit.  TJ also introduces our Patreon backed feature, the "Rom of the Month" Club.

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Broken glass covered floors, clean meat covered robots, loot boxes oh my!  Welcome our flesh covered metallic overlords.

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Have you played the best SNES game of all time?  Ready to get your experimental surgery on?  "Switch" on this podcast to hear us complain about the NES Classic, the CS:GO community and much more.  Matt lives, dies, then repeats, and TJ is all about that ice cream party!

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We are all old.  Jon's back is disintegrating, TJ is yelling at cables, and Matt is pondering grown up things in podcast for adults.  We say a bittersweet goodbye to the NES Classic Edition, we hardly knew ye.. wait.. we didn't knew ye at all...  Hello fellow kids!  Snapchat! Dabbing! Bottle Flips!  We are with it! Right?

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Babs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Natalie Dormer.. all in the same google image results search... What a time to be alive.

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Notch! We will be your friends. Feel free to call us any time. I would love a go on that candy room that you have in your house. I wonder if he is a good speller? TJ certainly was. Don't get scammed by Scamazon prime. We say goodbye to Palmer, and discuss a top secret project.



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A Juggalo reality TV show in the style of Survivor, Tila Tequila's fuhrer furor, and Batman as a moody teen, all in this week's Saturday Night BITE.

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Come on and join the discarded mascots with us!  We take a trip down nostalgia lane, get warmed up for a show, talk about the House on the Rock, Aquaman, Destiny 2, and a heck of a dang lot more.  Hop on the Fruit Stripe Man's moped and tune on in!

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Can we just stop saying stupid things on the internet echo chamber?  Matt eats some gross new oreos, and the guys discuss their fave flaves.  We chat about the new Werewolf-man film and old Disney Channel cartoons.  Rescue Rangers Rule 34 INDEED!

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You want to talk about Nuts?  We get Nuts.

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The Nintendo Switch came out, and because the game cards specifically have some sort of bittering agent on them, we absolutely had to lick them.  And then lick everything.. Joycon to Joycon.  This podcast is banned in 37 countries.  Robots will care for us when we are old, McDonald's says "Fuck it", and so much more.

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Learn to drink like an Adult.  Don't ghost people when you break up with them... LANCE.  Also, we touch upon some podcast drama in the past, and we are joined in the last segment by my lovely fiance!

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Jon decides to relieve the glory days of 2008-2009 of Rock Band gaming, TJ prepares to "Switch" to Nintendo's new console, and Matt finds a classy joint that makes pop-tarts into haute cuisine.  

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Just.. too many dongs.  Yandere Simulator, Pewdiepie, the ACLU bundles, Avatar and Korra.  So much controversy, too much for Twitch to handle.

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Sorry Luigi...  Dr. Who is shaking up the cast, and Adam Matt and Jon remember the scariest Dr. Who baddies.  Jon is thinking about getting into doomsday preppin, Adam joins a virtual japanese boyband for a road trip, Matt dreams of a brighter future, we talk to Koozie for a bit, and Adam reminisces of wrestling days gone by.

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Boy, did we have a lot of problems when recording this one.  What survived the technical issues was more Taco Bell talk, Dragon Warrior streaming on Twitch, and UFO sightings in Chile.  Enjoy.  Be warned, this is a rough one.

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Lance joins Jon again for another late night chat. Topics include friend betrayals, surprisingly decent blues albums, acceptable bald hair cuts, unacceptable amounts of tattoos, on set disputes over buffoonery, the inauguration, crystal bowls, when musicians go bad, and much more. If you don't listen in, you will be SAD!

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Let's talk about the Nintendo Switch, talking to bots, Twitch and Youtube drama, odd sexual fetishes, and a heck of a dang lot more.  Melissaphilia is the hot new thang.  Get your bee beards ready!

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When you walk the mean streets of New Donk City like I do, you learn one thing.  That the Nintendo Switch is going to be out on March 3rd in the US, and cost 299 USD.  You think you have what it takes to survive the mean streets of NDC?  You better come prepared with a pro controller and a joy con charging dock!  Tell em' pimp Bowser sent ya.  Peace.

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Jon, Matt, and TJ May or May Not would like you to most definitely not tweet #fucktheblacklash.  Knock out two birds one cup by listening to this hot new 'sode.  Topics include podcast advertising and monetization, VR, Nintendo Switch predictions, and all of the hand injury stories you can stomach!

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Gird your Robo-colons, the festival of lit is upon us!  Also, it is 2017 now!  What does the future hold for VR?  Will people perform social experiments on youtube for big dollars?  Is this the year Black Mirror becomes truth?  Welcome the future, 2017.


future,vr,robo,rogue one,social experiments,black mirror,retail,nerd suit,vive,rift,google earth,

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