Born in the Eighties

Where do I begin?  Lance has a spectacular experience watching the new resident evil movie. The guys talk action movies, and how Rocky would make a kick ass president. A fan favorite segment "Dear Abby" returns... and things get a tad blue... dark childhood secrets are revealed.  Tune in for probably the best and craziest episode yet!!!  Tell your friends!

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Tyler retuns from an apparently excitingly mundane class reunion.  Jon checks up on Tyler's criminal record.  Jon and Tyler discuss the comedy open mic they attended, and guess what?  Tyler has more car problems.   Lance bestows upon our ears the light and the glory that is David Lee Roth's vocal stylings, sans guitar.  Everyone is real tired, and Jon happens upon the magic that is online soundboards.  Forgive him... please.

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Jon talks about a co-worker with an odd dream. Tyler lays out his future plans as a stand up comedian and chats about bad movies.  Yeah... Battle Royale is .... just.... o.k.  Lance explains how basically the autobots committed genocide in the third transformer movie.  And everyone plans what could be the greatest movie of all time.... not.

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Lance and Jon are betrayed yet again by a co-host absconding off to family homes. This will not stand! Lucky for Lance and Jon this betrayal will be short lived. With some one on one time, Lance and Jon jaw about what movies were a complete waste of time. Also the lovely Lauren Welch appears to plug the opera-style show she will be in the weekend of the 7th, 8th, and 9th of September.

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