Born in the Eighties

Jon and Lance impersonate Neil Young, and Jon reveals his secret love of Ravi Shankar.  Lance recounts his horrible day.  The lads discuss back massage ettiquette, emo pizza delivery drivers, hitler salutes, how to not be a bad drinker.  They also answer a listener email.

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Jon and Lance talk about so many topics.  Destroying glasses, celebrity deaths, and band names 2013.

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Lance and Jon talk about everything from Old boys to new beefs with his roommates?

Mama Mia! What a show!

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Jon and Adam connect via the wide world of webs, and chat about movies, hdmi problems, ps4, and 'nadoes.

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Jon and Lance are join by the incomparable Rob Matsushita.  What do they talk about?  Movies?  Yeah.  They also talk about getting punched in the face, abandoning cars, and Lance is sold a book in a pizza store.

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Tyler joins us again.  Jon is accidentally racist, Tyler attends a pagan wedding, punches a guy in the face, sneaks around in the dark, and is an all around good guy.

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Lance finds more weird people at the bar, gets sized up by a large man, and enjoys a classic film.  Jon watches "GANGSTA HANKS" and "LESLIE MANN'S BREASTS" and the lads chat about the odd bieber behavior... beibhavior?  Does that work?

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Celebrity stocks and bonds, buy low... sell high.  Also, driving tractors is fun.

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Maybe if we all read from the book of Jaden, the world would be a better place.  Also, watch out for the dated "shutdown" references.

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Jon and Lance are joined by another Jon.  They talk about movies, science fiction, and truth or fiction. (Conspiracy theories) This podcast powered by absinthe.

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Jon and Lance drink, and record an episode.

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Jon travels to IL, where he braves bad drivers, weird audio feedback (apologies) and a Dr. Who marathon.

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Jon and Lance plan the future of television, and Lance meets some colorful characters in a bar.

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Jon is sick, and sounds like Werner Herzog.  Also, everyone loses faith in humanity.

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Harrison Ford has an earring. Also Batman. Dear god James Joyce... Dear god.

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Lance and Jon talk rappers, football in the 1930s, movie villains, shower room etiquette, and the fauna of Lance's neighborhood.

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Lance is the original Ladykiller.  Also, he gets stood up by his podcast mate.

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Indoctrination, robot armies, not using condoms, terrible after-credits sequences....

also, dicks.

You are warned.

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The guys talk about Jersey Shore, comic book drug problems, Rappers as actors and HBO's girls.

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Jon and Lance talk about America's game, the civil war, and Jon's secret addiction to giant cans.  They also talk about crappy (awesome) slasher movies.

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Jon and Lance share golf stories and go through the news...  Jon gets a bit macabre. 

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Adam has returned.  Also, take a dump in a time capsule for me.

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Jon and Lance talk about movies, PSH's heroin antics, Lance can't pronounce candelabra. Lance is interested in poop pies.  Also, why does the Chinese Iron Man 3 exist?  Lance also sucks at video game.  JOIN THE PANTZ ARMY!  Jon and Lance share Gandolfini memories.

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Lance and Jon talk about continental jewelry heists, video games, Clint Eastwood's characters sexual proclivities, and aging actors.

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Jon and Lance swap stories, Lance's gears are ground, and remember... what happens in the pile stays in the pile....

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Tyler and Jon record a non-traditonal episode of Born in the Eighties while Lance is out on assignment.  Car troubles?  House questions?  Jon and Tyler talk like they actually know something.  Also, Asses.

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Jon recants his experiences seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, Lance waxes philosophical about Dr. Dre tracks. Lance gets an interesting haircut. Jon is accosted by a deaf beggar, and Jon and Lance take a trip into the headlines!

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Jon and Lance both saw Iron Man 3, and they talk about that... and interesting experiences in the theater in general.

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After a short discussion about the death of the amazing spider man, the show goes into a game of thrones season 3 spoilerfest. If you haven't watched through 5/5/13 skip to the 46 minute mark. There is some great music by the band "Great Divide" and in the second half Jon assays the role of Tyler's therapist so Tyler can get some things off of his chest. Things get really real. You've been warned.  Halftime Music by 'Great Divide'

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Lance visits the Cinema, and admits is hatred of adventure games. Jon and Lance continue to shit on the walking dead. A brand spanking new cinema villain is created.... Lighting. Also, Jo, look what you got right in front of you....

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Jon and Lance talk about the news. Jon recants a time he cried in public, and everyone gets SLUDGED!

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It's a Jon and Lance bro-down.  Lance has delivery stories, Jon discusses what really goes on at the dollar store, and his history of accidental feel-copping.  After we finish the idle chit-chat Jon lets things get really real.

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Somebody wins.  Tyler scores points, and everyone remembers working crappy jobs.

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Jon, Lance, and Lauren chat about life's greatest mysteries... whether it is ok to wear black clothing and makeup.

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Jon comes down with the fever.  Lance and Tyler argue about the Walking Dead (spoilers) and blow Jon's mind.  There is an epic battle in the intermission, and Jon spoils who wins.  The crypt yet again opens with a new submission, and everyone gets a little mad.

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Lance has a pretty amazing birthday. Jon and special guest Jay Gabel share stories. Comics, drinking stories, and dogs getting hit by cars! Check out Jay Gabel's writing at Capeless Crusader!

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The gang of 3 is back again. No stripper stories this time.  Tyler has more car troubles, and doesn't really seek a solution. Lance spins a yarn about yelling at a stranger that doesn't have an ending, and Jon talks about the time children ate his popsicles. Also, the guys begin a movie prediction game for the summer of movies 2013! Listen in for your summer movie gossip and predictions.

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Jon, Lance and Tyler welcome a special guest. Another female friend of Tyler's.  This one, however, was a house mother at a local stripping establishment.  Hear the horror stories of what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite late night gentlemen's establishment.  Names and places have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

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Lance again visits his favorite hanging spot, Shabooms, and recieves some parental advice from a group of Dads at IHOP.  In the second half, Tyler invents a new movie game called "Shit or Hit!", and Lance is unimpressed.

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The episode in which Tyler brings a lady friend possibly more debauched than he.  This one turned out... interesting.  Oh, and Lance got into a shouting match with a pizza guy.

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Tyler is back, and boy does he have a lot to talk about.  Break-ups, bad show reviews, and shady car sales on craigslist.  

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We talk about the Legend of Adam, as well as many other exciting topics in the 80s of the Eighties episode 80!


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Tyler is yet again out on assignment.  Jon and Lance are joined by Lauren.  Lance deletes facebook.  They take the time to talk about racist and sexist people in their hometowns, as well as interesting experiences with doctors.  Feel sorry for young little Lance, I know I do.

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Ok kiddos!  Tyler is absent yet again, so Lance and Jon sit down by the fire to have a chat with all of you about how to live your life.   There will be tips on how to survive prison, what will happen to you if you don't graduate high school, how to get cash for silver, and how to sing while welding.  All in all a great podcast.  Be careful around subway trains, and don't major in theatre.

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Tyler is off on assignment.  Lance and Jon are joined by Eric.  A game of jeopardy ensues, is slightly interrupted by Alex Trebek, and a winner is crowned.  The return of "Dear Lance" brings advice for living your lives straight to you!

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